Healing Fast -HeilFast – Time To Clean Out the Inside

With metabolic balance, all clients go through a tiny cleanse before they start the program.  On the program, clients are suggested to begin on the weekend so that they are not stressed and can use phase one as a kickstarter for their metabolism and to let their bodies know that a change is coming.

The process is not difficult. Clients are asked to limit what they eat for a few days and the foods they can eat are explained in their metabolic balance plan.

Living in Europe, Europeans traditionally do a heilfast or healing fast once or twice a year. This is not incorporated into the metabolic balance plan. You can discuss with your coach to see if a healing fast can be incorporated without disrupting your journey as a metabolic balancer but I would not do one without discussing it with your coach.

Also, if you decide to do a healing fast, please consult with your doctor before starting.  You need to be in good shape and even though healing fasts are a normal part of European culture they are not so common in the USA but with the introduction of different diets that fasting days,  the American medical community is coming around to the idea of fasting for health.

If you want to do a healing fast but you have one of the following issues, please talk with your doctor and fast only under supervision:

  • Fatigue, irritability, nervous tension, tendency to depressive disorders or depression
  • Overeating or bulimia
  • Regular medication (except for the pill)
  • Chronic diseases such as diabetes, gout, rheumatism, arthritis, psoriasis
  • Pronounced allergies
  • Heart attack risk, high blood pressure
  • Obesity of more than 30 percent
  • Underweight

If your doctor gives you the thumbs up to fast, and you want to try fasting, it is best to start with a three day fast and work your way up to a 14 day or 21 day fast.    If you are following metabolic balance, you may want to try fasting a few days after a treat meal to get your body back on track or, you can do a short fast before you begin rebalancing to once again let your body know that you are going to be focusing on a healthy and balanced life.


When on a healing fast, your focus is not weight loss but removing toxins from your body. Europeans drink special teas during a healing fast and below are two versions available on the market.


Salus Detox Bio (All the information on the website is in German) – This is an herbal solution you can add to water.  The instructions suggest you add 12.5ml to 1.5L of water and drink the solution all day long in addition to additional water and non caffeine teas. For a three day healing fast, you would drink this solution for three days.  It tastes like tea and there is a tiny bitter aftertaste almost like what you have with coffee.  Don’t add anything to this tea – no sugar, no milk, no nothing.  The point of a healing fast is to help your body release toxins and to rest from the process of getting nutrients out of food.  The tea has been developed specifically for detoxing.

BadHilbrunner Fasting Tea  (German website) – This tea contains caffeine and is incorporated into a longer German fasting program.  This tea is helpful if you enjoy drinking coffee but it tastes like hay so, if you are looking for a good taste experience stick with the Salus Detox and warm water but if you need the caffeine boost, drink a cup of Fasten Tee in the morning with a swig of Salus Detox after.  I much prefer making an Ayurvedic Detox Tea so maybe you can combine the Fasting tee with the Ayurvedic Tee. I have not tried that yet. I tried the Fasting Tee and was put off by the taste. As a foodie, taste is very important for me and eating/drinking hay/grass is not of any interest to me.


metabolic balance has a license holder in India who shares some interesting recipes.  The Ayurvedic medicine is one of the oldest holistic healing systems and has been developed over thousands of years.  It is based on the idea that health and wellness is dependant on a delicate balance between mind body and spirit.  The cleansing practice in Ayurvedic medicine is called Panchakarma and may be used to restore balance to the body and improve your immune system.

Ayurvedic Detox Tea 

Ingredients for Tea:
1L boiling water
Sliced ginger
Sliced fresh turmeric
1-2 teaspoons coriander seeds
1-2 teaspoons cumin seeds
1-2 teaspoons fennel seeds
Fresh Mint or Mint tea bag
squeeze of lemon

Place all the ingredients into a French press to make it easier to strain or use a tea ball for the seeds so that you can carry the mixture in a thermos and drink throughout your day.

Glass TeaTravel  by TeaLyra


If you don’t think you are up for a healing fast, you can try a Juice feast (green juices) to get your body on track.


La Valleur Metabolic Balance®: Soup’s On!

on livecleanmb, I’m blogging with Barbara La Valleur. Here is her post about soup 🙂

Live Clean MB

After about six weeks on my journey with metabolic balance®, I emailed my coach and asked about soup. It’s winter in Minnesota and one of my favorite dishes is a good homemade soup which takes the chill off a cold day.

I was thrilled when she responded, “You could make any soup you’d like. Just use an organic vegetable broth – add your portion of veggies and protein for the meal. And any seasonings that you enjoy.”

Luckily my refrigerator is full of tasty fresh veggies and spices and my freezer has pre-measured chicken and venison portions so I had everything I needed to make soup and I immediately made a tasty chicken with veggies soup – cooking a double batch to have another portion ready to go.

Here’s my recipe, although the great thing about this – I certainly didn’t follow a recipe, I just used what I had – you can…

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Forty Days Begins -Four Rule Challenge

web-women-with-material-over-her-faceI wrote on liveCleanMb that I would be blogging the forty days of Lent and focusing on the four rules that are not my strongest. What rules?   When you follow metabolic balance, there are some rules (habits) that metabolic balance would like you to add to your day. Four of the rules are second nature to me and four are rules I struggle with because of the way I live my life.

So, today I will talk about how I did following those four rules.

Five Hours between meals – This was a fail for me.  I ate breakfast and drank a coffee at lunch but I was filming at 1200 and I had an interview at 1500 and I did not schedule lunch. I thought about bringing food to my noon filming but then I would be smelling up the space and decided a coffee would have to tie me over.   So, there are 12 hours between meals and I only had two.  I wasn’t hungrier at dinner, I was just really hungry so I purchased dinner at a vegetarian place so I wouldn’t overeat.

Eat a Protein First – Nope.  I did not do this for breakfast or dinner. Dinner was a salad with beans. I didn’t pick out some beans. I really need to think about keeping a jar of nuts on my table so I can pick a nut and eat it.  This is technically mixing proteins but Sylvia has suggested taking nuts to a restaurant so you are eating your protein first.  If I’m cooking, I guess I can nibble on a protein to make sure it is the first while I’m cooking because as I described on livecleanmb, we eat like we are preparing for battle.

Water – Intention was there but I left the water bottle at home.  Today, I will be filling it up at breakfast and putting it by the front door. (As soon as we finish blogging this.)

Fruit at end of meal.  Yeah.  I just finished my fruit and there is no protein in site.

Overall today was a huge failure with these four rules.  The other four are a breeze, they are habits ingrained in my life and I don’t have to think about them. These four rules are not habits and I struggle with them everyday.   Hopefully focusing on them for forty days will add one or two of them into my daily habits.

Good luck today with your lent goals.


Metabolic Balanced Flavour – Let’s Make That Our Goal

Just in case you wonder why smell is so important when it comes to food.

Metabolic Balance Blog

Lets spend 40 days experimenting with flavour and creating meals that use the following spices:


Researchers have found that taste influences smell and smell influences taste.  Part of the process occurs when information about a scent is received from the back of the mouth, this process is called retronasal olfaction. Once an odour has been experienced with a flavour, they become associated in your brain and get stored away in your memory.

Find that fact interesting?  Here are a few more links sharing information about flavour and our perception of flavour.

Balanced taste the Ayurvedic Guide

Research behind food combinations – Easy to read article about food combinations and some of the research on the subject.

Multisensory perception of Flavour – Very interesting article about how brains deal with flavour.

Smell Holds Sway over our Emotions and other Senses.Smell Holds Sway over our Emotions and other Senses.

If you want to…

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Lent Me metabolic balanced

I will be blogging everyday of lent. metabolic balance now has an international blog for metabolic balancers to share their stories. If you are a metabolic balancer and want to share, please let me know 🙂

Live Clean MB

Lent is a great time to focus on the metabolic balance rules .   Lets try and follow the rules as much as possible.  If you are not religious, you can just spend 40 days thinking about the following 8 rules and how you deal with them in your personal life as a metabolic balancer.

Here is how I’ve been dealing with the rules so far:

  1. Eat only three meals a day.  This rule is easy for me to follow.  I was raised by European parents and there were no snacks in our house. I ate three meals a day with maybe an evening dessert.  We never munched our way through the day and I have continued to live on three meals a day.
  2. Ensure there is a five hour break between meals.  I’m not so good with this rule. The problem usually is with lunch. I will have longer than five hours between breakfast…

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Apples Will Make Your body Happy


I wrote a blog post today on Dietbet about water retention.

I don’t like when this happens but I’m glad that my body tells me in such an obvious way that what I ate was not good for me.  It tasted good but it contained something that my body hated and my body can be very vocal about what it does not want and it doesn’t want to eat anything with preservatives.

It will take about two days to get rid of the water retention.  I know this from years of experience.  I know how my body reacts to preservatives and I know what I need to do to get back to the weight I was yesterday.

I must drink water.

Here are the other reasons why you need to drink water.


I hope you are doing great on your rebalancing.  I’m a bit bummed by yesterday but it was my own fault and it is my job to spend today treating my body with the respect it deserves by eating what makes it happy which means I will be eating my apple and following my metabolic balance plan.



DietBet Challenge Has Begun

IMG_0041 1.JPG
This is not a metabolic balance breakast but it is a German breakfast.

metabolic balance has decided to play the Dietbet Game which means that I’m blogging on the company blog and on Dietbet during the challenges.  It also means that I’m seriously rebalancing this New Year because I have to lose a percentage of my body weight not just to feel better but to win the bet!

Rebalancing. What does that mean to rebalance?  metabolic balance has four phases and as you progress through those phases you add more foods and learn to pay attention to your body in regards to what foods are good for your system and what foods interfere with your balanced metabolism.

When you rebalance, you pull back and go back to the beginning either phase 1 or 2.  For me, I pulled back all the way to phase 1 to reboot.  I needed to make my body pay attention to the change I was making.

For me, rebalancing is a time to let go of bread which is my weakness.  If you have struggled with your weight, you will have a weakness either in a food or a situation that makes you eat.  Bread is this weakness for me. It is associated with Saturday morning trips to the German bakery in Middleton, Wisconsin for warm German Rye bread made the German way and Pan de Yuca and Arepas made by my Colombian mother on Sunday mornings.  So many memories from my childhood are wrapped up in bread and when I eat a warm pretzel I’m transported back to those happy days.

Unfortunately, bread is not a staple for metabolic balance.  I can eat exotic breads as a treat meal but not on a daily basis so if I avoid bread I’m ok but I still have not mastered the bread as a treat scenario nor eating just a tiny bit to satisfy the memory… When I eat a bite of a pretzel, I want the whole pretzel.

Over the last few years, I’ve worked with chocolate and relegated it to an occasional treat instead of a daily treat but the change was not overnight. Bread, like chocolate is taking time to transition away from a daily necessity.  Until I succeed at this, I will continue rebalancing and teaching my body what it needs to eat not what my emotions craves to eat.

You can still join the dietbet game until the end of this week.  The game costs 35 Dollars and if you reach your goal, you get your money back.  If you want a metabolic coach to help you through the process, you can find one on the website. 

Bedroom Cleaning – Pillows

I wash my pillows but didn’t realise that I needed to wash my pillow three times a year! Today, I will wash my feather pillows along with my sheets and other bed coverings.

Yesterday, I tackled my shoe closet. I took out all the shoes that I can no longer wear because my broken toes will not accept being squished into a pointy dress shoe. It is sad to see these shoes go but they have been in my closet for two years and I’m not using them.  I’m using the space created by the discarded shoes to store all of the shoes stacked in front of my front door.

The challenge will now be to take shoes into my bedroom each evening. Maybe after a few months of following this cleaning schedule, I will be shining my shoes before putting them away… at least until I can have this man polishing my shoes for me.

feather pillow fight photo is by Kuba Bozanowski

Tuesday lets Handle it.

Today, I surface cleaned the bedrooms. Can your house be too clean? Maybe that is why I’m redecorating and throwing out things.  Today, I purchased handles for my kitchen cabinets and installed half of them. Here is a photo of my cabinets before changing the door pulls…

and here are the door pulls I purchased today at Ikea installed on the cabinets.

Snazzy. I’ve decided that the walls are too pink for my taste so I will be repainting them white and, once I replace/update the tiles, I will pick a new wall colour, maybe purple?  I will look at pinterest and create a board for kitchen wall colours. Have you checked out my pinterest boards?  i have lots of them.