The Day Before the metabolic balance Blood Test

I’m having a blood test because doctors like to look at numbers and data. They like to look at the information your blood carries around with it. In the case of metabolic balance, Dr. Funfack developed the metabolic balance plan based on the results from blood results. He isn’t reading my astrological chart of chanting over me. No. He is using science to determine what foods will be beneficial for me to eat.

Another practical reason for blood tests is to make sure that you don’t have any medical issues. If you have medical issues, metabolic balance will ask you to take care of them before starting your metabolic balance journey.

Now that you know why I’m not eating and letting someone take my blood, let me explain why I’m going on the metabolic balance plan.

-First, I’m one of the corporate bloggers posting information during the week for you to read and I thought it would be good to share my experience with the metabolic balance plan first hand. (I am also a certified coach so I will try to contain myself and keep this more personal.)

PLEASE NOTE: I’m not paid to blog about being on the plan. This blog is my personal blog so I can tell you exactly what happens while I’m on the plan and how I feel about it. If metabolic balance asks, I might link it to the corporate blog so you can follow it but they are not paying me to keep a diary and I am not one of their employees.

-Second, I had a stomach infection two years ago and the medicine made me gain weight that I have been unable to lose. It isn’t a huge amount but it is annoying. I’m hoping metabolic balance will help make it go away so that all my clothes fit again.

-Third, I suffered a clinical depression and I have no interest in suffering another one. If I’m not eating the best foods for my body I want to know because I enjoy being healthy and would love being even healthier . I want to use food as my medicine and make sure that a serious depression is never again part of my reality.

With that written, I’m going to bed. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me. I will answer them here, on the corporate blog, in videos or on Facebook because I like to share and I want you to be healthy.