metabolic balance Plan – Day 3 Phase 2

Today I had another meeting and it wasn’t  breakfast so I was worried that I would not be able to eat anything.     Looking for advice, I checked out the metabolic balance official blog and found an interview with Jennifer Johnston, a metabolic balance coach in Florida, who offers the following advice:

Be proactive when eating out.  When you go to a restaurant tell the server you are on a special nutritional plan and can’t have certain things like oil and sugar.   This is extremely important if you don’t know their cooking methods.  Ask the waiter for suggestions on the menu that will fit with your dietary needs or ask if the cook can prepare something to suit your needs.

One tough thing to avoid is mixing proteins in a meal. For example, many times a preparation may include melted cheese over chicken or scrambled eggs with cheese, etc.  Don’t allow them to get you off course. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about ingredients and how the dish is prepared.

Unfortunately, I was unable to follow the advice this time.  The restaurant was chosen by someone else and there was a set menu.  I did follow my plan as close as possible by having a salad and then pumpkin with goat cheese (my plan has sheep cheese on it).

For dinner, I decided to have an avocado with tuna and onions.  A very simple meal but filling.

I’m finding that all my meals so far are really filling and that I’m actually more full than I was before starting a few days ago.  How does that happen?

If you would like to keep track of your food, you can download the Vivamb day 3 phase 2 Food Diary