metabolic balance Plan Day 7 Phase 2

Sunday.   I ran around town visiting christmas markets with my daughter.  To avoid being tempted to eat anything, I ate a salad with avocado before leaving the house.  I’m glad I did so that my daughter could pick whatever she wanted to eat at the Christmas markets.  she decided to have a big serving of french fries.

After the Christmas markets, we went to a museum exhibition and I drank a cup of coffee (not at a meal).  I felt a second of sadness for straying from the plan but it was cold and I wanted a hot coffee to warm my body.

I wanted to tell you about the coffee because I’m following the diet but sometimes circumstances get in the way of perfection and I am far from perfect.    I know Sylvia would have told me to have a cup of hot water.  Sorry Sylvia, you were in my head but I shoved you aside when it came time to order a drink.

What I can congratulate myself is that I didn’t eat anything at the markets and I waited five hours from the time I drank the coffee to have dinner.

In the future, how do I stop this from happening again?  Although the strict phase is only for two weeks, avoiding food and beverages other than water between meals is just part of metabolic balance so, in the future, I have to either consider the coffee as a treat meal/day or just dress warmer to avoid feeling like an icicle.

Tomorrow, I’m giving you a recipe translated from the German metabolic balance recipes!  It is very similar to the recipe that I’m posting on the corporate blog but it is different  and I’m taking photos because it will be my lunch.

If you would like to keep track of your day 7 food choices, download the food diary page for day 7 here.