metabolic balance Day 9 Phase 2 – What Rye Bread Are You Eating Emmy?

snowy day in Munich while doing the metabolic balance plan
Don’t let snow get in the way!

Today is measurement day and that is exactly what I did before heading out into the winter wonderland that is Munich today.

weight loss chart for Vivamb
Hurray! Look at my BMI!

As you can see, I lost five pounds and my BMI went down.    I really recommend recording your measurements because it makes you feel really good to see yourself getting smaller!

I found the chart above on google docs.  Here is the form.

While taking my walk through the winter wonderland, Sylvia Egel, commented that my bread from earlier this week did not look like rye sour dough bread.  I swear I bought rye bread!

Heading over to the grocery store, I decided to buy the exact same bread and take a photo to post so Sylvia could see it and here it is:

Vivamb looks at rye bread from grocery store
This is supposedly dark sour dough rye bread

Here is the sourdough rye bread from the bakery:

Vivamb looks at sour dough rye bread from grocery store
This is supposedly sourdough rye bread from the bakery… but is it?

And here are the two pieces of bread next to each other.

Viva looks at two pieces of sour dough rye bread in Germany
Not all sour dough rye bread is the same!

Sylvia, director of education for metabolic balance in the US, warns everybody to check the ingredients but this is certainly one product that says it supposedly is what I’m supposed to be eating.

I guess the only way to be certain is to make the sourdough bread yourself with a bread machine or to find a baker who makes metabolic balance sour dough rye bread.  Sylvia says there is a baker in Indiana.  If you want to get the real thing, I would ask her for the number and get the bread shipped.  Or, ask Sylvia Egel for the recipe so that you can give it to the baker (or maybe she will give me the recipe so I can post it).

I’m going to ask Pia, my coach here in Germany for the bakers in town who make metabolic balance bread and after eating the two loaves above, I will hunt them down and purchase bread from them.

Enough about the only bread I get to eat for weeks, let me tell you what else I ate today.

Breakfast – seedmix, apple and expresso

Lunch – seeds (you are not supposed to eat the same protein source twice in one day but I was not home and I had seeds in my pocket)

Dinner – Salad with hard boiled eggs is planned. Might swap the eggs for feta sheep’s cheese (The only dairy product I have on my plan).

If you would like to track your food choices for day 9, just download day 9 Vivamb Food journal page here.

NOTE:  The bread in my prior post about sauerkraut was pumpernickel not rye.  Please do not make this mistake!  Pumpernickel is just cooked slowly and has more sugar.  Rye sourdough bread is fermented and therefore easier to digest.  Thanks Sylvia Egel for the information!!!!!