metabolic balance plan day 11- Interview with Pia Funfack – Ten years living a metabolic balance life

Pia Funfack You know how time slips by when you are having fun, well talking to Pia Funfack makes time slip by!  Luckily I was able to ask her a few questions about her metabolic balance life here.

Pia was nice enough to give me phase 3 today as I have only three more days in the strict part of phase 2.  Although I got phase 3 today, I will continue in phase 2 until I reach my goal weight loss. If you are on the metabolic balance plan, you will discuss this with your coach before making this decision.  Since Pia is my coach and she thought it would be fine, I’m staying in phase 2 for a few more weeks (but using oil).

As I  looked through phase 3, I was disappointed to see that I didn’t get more cheese.  It seems that cheese and my body are not friends.   In fact, looking at the additional food selections, I was not thrilled by any of the new foods making it easy for me to stay in phase 2 for a few more weeks.  (Your portions in phase 3 increase in size and you get more foods  but I will discuss phase 3 more when I’m actually in phase 3.)

On Monday I get to reintroduce oil into my diet and this really is a treat for me.  It seems easier to cook with oil but, as you should already know, not all oils or fats are the same!

Here is some information on different fats that you mind find interesting.


Today, I’m sharing a recipe with you for one of my favorite breakfast meals.  It is a traditional German breakfast that is easy to make and filling.

Breakfast – Mandelade (Here is the recipe)

Lunch– Salad with feta cheese and tomatos and an expresso (photo on Facebook. Go like my Facebook page for more photos!)

Dinner – Salad with bell peppers and tuna fish

If you would like to keep track of what you ate on day 11, download the vivamb food diary page right here.

NOTE:  Three more days!  Three more days and I get to have oil again!  I may have to make up some kind of dance and get it on video.