metabolic balance plan day 12 phase 2 – Setting Goals and All that Jazz

set your metabolic balance goal for 2013

Today, Christoph Egel talked about setting goals on the corporate blog.  You can read about it here.

I’m all for setting goals and making a public declaration.  Why else would I write a blog while going through the metabolic balance program?   Not only does this blog inform you of all kinds of interesting facts, it also keeps me accountable and focused on achieving my goal of fitting into my jeans!

Of course that doesn’t have to be your goal.  You may be feeling sad or stressed and want to feel better and calmer or you may have diabetes and want to use food to help manage your disease.

Whatever the reason, looking at the foods you are putting in your mouth is a wise decision and a goal we should all make for 2013.

To help keep track of what I’m eating, I’ve made these food journal pages.  If you would like to keep track of your food choices for day 12, just download Vivamb’s metabolic balance food journal here.

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