metabolic balance Plan Phase 2 Day 13 – I’m Drinking My Coffee Black!



I can see the light to the end of the tunnel.   I have one more day until I can add oil back into my diet and I can’t wait!  It isn’t that I’m missing oil as much as I’m missing the foods that I cook with oil like the chickpea flour chips recipe I shared on the corporate blog a few weeks ago.

One thing that I’m not missing is milk in my coffee.  I thought this would be something difficult to get used to but I’m actually enjoying an expresso after my meal without milk.

Why am I not putting milk in my coffee?

First, I’m not putting milk in my coffee because to keep my metabolism balanced and happy, it has been suggested in my personal metabolic balance plan that I avoid dairy products.  The second reason I do not have milk in my coffee is because dairy is considered a protein and you are only allowed one protein per meal.  I don’t know about you, but I’m not going to waste my protein on a little bit of milk.

Today I ate my eggs for dinner.  I diced a bell pepper and an onion and mixed those vegetables with a tiny bit of water. After softening them a bit in a pan, I added two eggs and seasoning.

As I mentioned a few days ago, I’m allowed to eat sour dough rye bread but only three pieces a day for a total of 75g.    Because I’m not keen on bread crust I decided to use a gourmet tool I have in my kitchen to cut my bread into circles and avoid wasting valuable grams on the crust.


You can save the crust to make breadcrumbs or add the crusty part of your bread to a recipe.  Just remember that you will need to count the bread no matter how you use it.  Don’t waste your bread.  You don’t get that much of it so you might as well be creative with it!

Tomorrow, I will be taking some photos of breakfast.  I’m going to be making egg baskets with vegetables and will post the recipe along with some photos.

If you would like to keep track of your food for day 13, just download Vivamb’s food journal page here.