metabolic balance Plan day 14 Phase 2 – Eat Eggs!

Don’t be scared of eggs!  That is my message for you today.   Since today is Sunday, I’m going to say that you should be grateful for eggs and show your appreciation by adding more of them into your diet.

You will read a lot of information about eggs but Dr. Funfack believes that eggs should not be avoided.  Don’t overdo it of course but they are a great addition to a healthy diet.

Here is a recipe for Egg Muffins.  They are yummy and so easy to make.   Not only are they easy to make but they taste great the next day too so an easy recipe to make for two meals or for the whole family.

vivambeggmuffin1 vivambeggmuffin3


After 14 days, I can say that I’m getting into the groove.  I now can make my daughter pancakes for breakfast without wanting to sneak a bite.  I also am finding that my clothes are loose so I’m curious what my measurements will be tomorrow.

Although I am able to transition to phase 3 tomorrow, I’m going to stay a few more weeks in phase 2 with oil so that I can reach my goal weight.

If you would like to track your food, download Vivamb food diary page for day 14 here.