metabolic balance plan day 15 phase 2 – Making a Choice to Stay in Phase 2 – Body Measurements for Week 2

vivamb 2nd week measurements


Hurray!  This chart explains why you should take your body measurements not just look at your weight while on the metabolic balance plan.

If you didn’t already know, scales can be unreliable and your weight can fluctuate greatly depending on the way you try and measure your body fat or even the time of day that you weigh yourself.

metabolic balance encourages you to do take your measurements not only to keep your motivation going but also to show you that you are getting healthier.  Your measurements help physicians determine your risk for health related diseases so if your losing inches, you are increasing your chances of staying healthy.

If  you look at my little chart above, you will see that in two week, I lost 6 pounds and two inches around my waist.  What surprised me this week was that I lost on my hips and my waist but not on my thighs.   What are wrong with you thighs!  It might be because I’m a runner and there isn’t as much fat to lose OR it could be that my thighs are just hanging in tight thinking that life is cushy and they don’t want to give up their extra padding.

Whatever the reason, I’m an optimist so I’m focusing on the fact that I’m losing fat, losing inches and feeling good.

One of my fellow coaches, Maria, is also doing the plan at this very moment in LA.  We were both certified in October and Maria agrees that to be able to encourage others to live the metabolic lifestyle, you have to life the life.  Maybe I can get Maria to post her results from the last two week.   I think it would be good for you to know that my results are not unusual and that she is feeling just as great as I do.

Although I was allowed to add oil to my diet, I didn’t.  This was not a conscious choice, I just didn’t have a meal where oil was required (my lunch was cancelled).  Instead I went the boring route and ate my apple and almonds for breakfast and two salads.

I skipped the bread today.  I just wasn’t up for rye bread.  Do you know what I mean? I’m the kind of person who loves bread so getting only to eat one kind of bread is a bit boring for my taste buds.  This is of coures good for my diet and my health because bread is not really adding essential nutrients.  Maybe my love of bread will disappear if I don’t eat it for a very long time.  How many days do you think I can go without eating bread? Lets find out!

If you have been using the diary sheets, I’m going to keep including one here for phase 2 and one for phase 3.   If you are moving on to phase 3 right now,  you will notice a difference in the diary page.  It is slight but important change.  In phase 3 you will have be adding foods and you can eat more.  I will talk about phase 3 more when I get to phase 3.  For now, I’m staying in phase 2 because I have a bit more weight to lose and I like losing weight in a steady and healthy way.


metabolic balance day 15 phase 2 food diary journal

metabolic balance phase 3 food diary journal



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