metabolic balance Plan day 16 phase 2 – Do You Know What Kale Looks Like?


A few months ago, I read a blog post about kale chips and I kept thinking.  I want to make kale chips but every time I went to the store (in Germany) I couldn’t find anything named kale and I wasn’t sure what the German name was (kale has three names in German) so I would leave the store without buying kale and therefore could not make kale chips.

Today, for the metabolic balance corporate blog, I posted the recipe for kale chips and I included the photo of kale above just in case you didn’t know what it looked like.

Armed with the names of kale in German (der Braunkohl, der Gruenkohl, der Kohl or, der Krauskohl), I’m hoping to find kale tomorrow at the store and make a video of making kale chips.   I will post my version of a kale chip recipe here and on Facebook so that you too can experiment with Kale chips.

If you like watching videos, 4 phases of metabolic balance diet video was created by a UK metabolic balance coach. You might enjoy the accent and her quick summary of the metabolic balance phases.

If you are using metabolic balance food diary pages, you can download day 16 for phase 2 here and a phase 3 diary page here.


[photos used with cc permission from Christa Richert]