metabolic balance Phase 2 or Phase 3?


Today I craved chocolate.  “Why was I craving chocolate?” According to a recent study, it is all in our heads.  Do you agree with that?

I don’t.

For two weeks, I have been balancing my metabolism and I have been happily going through the day not wanting sweets when BAM!  I really want chocolate. Do you really want to say it is just in my head?  I remember hearing it was in my head when I was in a bad relationship.  I remember hearing it was in my head when I was clinically depressed.

I refuse to accept that it is just in my head and I don’t think you should be allowed to make those kind of statements based on such a small research sample.

Shouldn’t a study like this be using data from at least 1000 women?

I know that if I’m going to trust scientific research over my own bodies reaction, it better be based on a larger data sample than 35.

Sigh.  Since I ate chocolate today,  I’m taking a cheat meal and officially stating that I’m on a hybrid of phase 2 and 3.  Hybrid? Is that allowed?  Yes of course!  This is your personal plan and that is why you have a coach.  I talked with Pia last week and told her what I wanted to do.  She reminded me that I could have cheat meals and today I used one.  Lets see how it works for me to have cheat meals incorporated into my metabolic balance plan.

If you haven’t been over to the Vivamb Facebook page, you might want to take a peek at a recipe I posted there for this:

avocado and sheep cheese

Fried Avocado with Goat cheese.  It was as yummy and got a thumbs up from my family.  This recipe took about ten minutes to make. I gave some tips on Facebook so go take a look at Facebook Vivamb or click on this link here for the metabolic balance blog (recipe no tips).

If you are using Vivamb diary journal pages,  you can download day 17 phase 2 here and  phase 3 here.

For other journal pages, go to the goodie bag tab above and take a peek.  I’m slowly adding the pages there as the weeks progress.