metabolic balance Plan Day 18 Phase 2 Edging My Way Into Phase 3 – A Story About Kale.

metabolic balance Savoy Cabbage Chips

Kale – A fairy Tale?

Once there was a girl named Emmy who lived in the woods of Munich in a little white house next to a very large indoor climbing mountain.

Each morning, Emmy would wake up and greet the sun peeking over the mountain and shout hello to all her neighbours as she started getting ready to spend the day writing and playing with her dogs.

One morning, Emmy greeted the sun and then decided it would be a good idea to experiment with a strange vegetable called kale.  Emmy wasn’t sure what kale looked like for she was from a country far away where all vegetables were labeled correctly and there was only one name per vegetable (as far as she knew).   Unfortunately, Emmy’s little white house was in a land where many words described the vegetable kale so when Emmy went to the store and asked for kale she was given a big round green bulky vegetable.

“This smells like cabbage.” Emmy said as she put the round green bulky vegetable into her car.

“This smells like cabbage.” Emmy said as she toasted the round green bulky vegetable in her tiny oven.

“This tastes like cabbage.” Emmy said as she stuffed several salted leaves in her mouth.

“It is cabbage.” Emmy said as she surfed the internet to find out if kale was cabbage and a picture of a savoy cabbage in all its green bulky cabbagey self presented itself before her eyes.

The end.

That was my day today.  I made savoy cabbage chips and will share the recipe with you.  It is very simple.  In fact, I made a video about it which I will post tomorrow (I ran out of time today).


Head of savoy cabbage (If you have no portion control, make only 1 portion of vegetables so that you are not tempted to eat them all).

Olive oil



Take cabbage apart and then cut leaves off the center part. (I have no clue what this is called, I’m not a horticulturist).

Spray oil on leaves (you are on the metabolic balance plan, oil can not be slathered on anything).

Rub the oil into the leaves and then sprinkle with salt and other seasoning.

Put into the oven until the leaves are dried out.  Be careful.  I lost a whole batch because I answered a question from my daughter and in that span of time, the leaves turned ALL brown.  you do not want that.  Watch carefully.

Take leaves out of the oven.  They will be hot so use something to slide the leaves into a bowl or on to a plate.  Don’t try doing this with your fingers because it hurts.  Just saying.  Save pain for times when it is necessary like stubbing your toe in the mornings because you forgot to put on your slippers and forgot the ironing board was out.  Save it for that kind of pain.

Wait a few seconds.  Eat.  If you don’t wait a few seconds, your best friend will come by your house and eat all your chips while you are telling him about not having found kale and having accidentally made savoy cabbage chips which you didn’t even know existed.  He will give you a thumbs up and asked if you made more.

Since you have no portion control, you only made enough to feed yourself for dinner and now you have no dinner.

Your daughter (if you have one) will try a chip and nod her head and say it tastes like cabbage but is ok. (Amazing because she is of course a very severe food critic so you are blessed with one Anna star).

Have a glass of water handy.  All of the salt you sprinkled on the chips will make you really thirsty. Really.

Also, if you are not used to eating cabbage, be prepared to stay close to the bathroom because your stomach will be saying whoa!  Something healthy just landed in here and it is time to get cleaning.  Savoy cabbage does that to people.  Tomorrow we will see if Kale does that to people.

If you are trying to stay on phase two, you candownload day 18 of the Vivamb food diary journal here.  If you have hopped over to phase 3 download a Vivamb food journal page for phase 3 here.

If you decide to make Savoy Cabbage chips, let me know how it goes on Facebook!