Day 21 Phase 2 Metabolic Balance Plan – Vivamb Recipe Sauerkraut with Chickpeas

Sauerkraut in a pot

Remember my sauerkraut failure from a few days ago?   You don’t want to try experimenting with sauerkraut.  That is just way too hard especially when you are starting to learn how to eat in a metabolic balance way.

Of course I’m not thinking that you will be eating sauerkraut on Christmas eve.  That isn’t a typical American dish but, maybe on boxing day you will want to get back on plan by eating a recipe that uses sauerkraut.

If that is a possibility, here is a recipe you can use.

Sauerkraut with Chickpeas.  (I have both of these in my refrigerator right now so this recipe is on the menu for tomorrow and I will take a photograph of my creation and post it on Facebook.  If you try making this recipe, please post a photo so I can see how yours turned out!)


1 portion chickpeas

1 portion vegetables (1 Tbsp diced onions, sauerkraut, red bell pepper)

Vegetable broth powder



Put the chickpeas in cold water overnight.  The next morning rinse the chickpeas and then put them in a pot of fresh water without salt.  Cook the chickpeas for about 45 minutes.

When the chickpeas are almost done, take a pan and fry the onions with a little bit of water (no fat). Mix in the sauerkraut and season with the vegetable broth powder, salt and pepper.  Let the ingredients cook for about 12 minutes.

Wash the bell pepper and then cut it into cubes.

In another pan without fat, brown the chickpeas.  Add the bell pepper and lightly fry.  Add the sauerkraut mixture to the chickpeas stirring together all the ingredients.

Serve with a slice of sourdough rye bread.

If you are keeping track of your food using vivamb food diary pages, you can download day 21 phase 2 here.   If you moved on to phase 3, please use a phase 3 diary page found here.

Mahlzeit! (Keeping my fingers crossed because I’m eating this tomorrow!)

[photo used with cc permission from Svetomir Jovanovic]

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