A Vivamb Christamas Eve – metabolic balance Day 23 Phase 2 – Measurements

end of week 3 vivamb measurementsEven though it was Christmas Eve, I decided to take my measurements and see how I was progressing.

Stepping on the scale, I was not surprised.  I gain a bit of weight each month no matter what and this was that week.  Luckily the scale did not move which meant that next week, I hopefully will have a bonus measurement (might be wishful thinking because of what I ate today.. but lets stay optimistic )

What amazed me today were my measurements.  I lost another inch on my waist and a fraction on my hips and half an inch on my thighs!

Those lost inches are a great Christmas present! I totally understand why metabolic balance suggests that you take your measurements.  It is great to see my numbers shrinking especially when the scale doesn’t budge.

Now lets talk about food.  Because we have a family lunch on Christmas Eve, I ate my treat meal today.  I didn’t take photos because it was definitely not healthy and this blog is not a wall of shame!

My treat meal was not German food but Mexican. Ole! Ole!   People stared at me at the grocery store as I piled cheese, tortillas, ground beef, chicken and sour cream onto the checkout counter yesterday morning but it was nice not to spend the morning cooking an elaborate meal I wouldn’t eat and I am used to Germans shaking their heads at me.  I am far from a conventional or traditional German.

To make it a little easier on my body (I don’t have cheese, sour cream or meat on my plan), I made a fresh salsa with avocado, bell peppers and onions and I made sure I started this meal with a protein.

Let me tell you, it was yummy.  I didn’t eat the meat but I did eat the cheese.  Hello Cheese, I miss you so much!

The only issue I had with eating things that were not on my plan was that I was ready to go to bed at 5pm.  My body was crashing even with an afternoon walk by the river and following the metabolic balance rules.

For the last three weeks, I have had an enormous amount of energy so to be so drained after eating off plan felt strange.  My Christmas meal showed me that the foods on my metabolic balance plan are perfect for my body and, that my body appreciates being fed the right foods and, gets annoyed when I put foods in that are not premium fuel.

I get the message body.  I’m going back on plan in the morning.  In fact, I’m going to be posting a recipe for a breakfast dish that includes apples and eggs and is perfect dish to start back on the metabolic balance plan.

If you are using the vivamb.com food diary pages, you can download day 23 phase 2 here and phase 3 here.

Mahlzeit and Happy Holiday!