Day 22 Phase 2 metabolic balance Plan – Celebrating a Sunday with Sauerkraut and Chickpeas



Today I decided to try and eat cabbage again.  Yesterday  I posted a recipe for sauerkraut and chickpeas and here is the results.

I’m telling you.  I am going to have to figure a way to eat sauerkraut but this recipe wasn’t it for me.  It isn’t the recipe’s fault.  I just can’t handle that much sauerkraut.

Not wanting to waste all that food, I decided to modify the recipe and created this:

Vivamb chickpea saladChickpea sauerkraut salad.

This was awesome.  I took the chickpeas from the above recipe and threw them on top of a salad.  I added a bit of the sauerkraut and voila!   This combination tasted great.

Through this experiment, I know that I can add sauerkraut to a salad and like it.  I also know that sauerkraut can’t be the main vegetable on my plate – Sauerkraut can only be a cast member but not the star of any of my meals.

If you want to try making this, make sure you weigh the sauerkraut and add that amount to your salad.  Also, remember that the chickpeas are protein so you can’t add cheese or eggs to this salad.  You can combine as many veggies as you want (just weigh them).

Tomorrow is Christmas eve.  My family decided to eat a Mexican Christmas lunch so it will be my treat meal.  I’m not going to worry that nothing really mexican is on my food plan.  I’m going to eat with my family and then go on the strict phase 2 for the rest of the week.

If you are using the food diary pages, you can download day 22 phase 2 here and phase 3 here.