Vivamb Recipe – Egg and Apple Omelette (Happy Holidays!)

(The German name for this recipe is Apfelschmarrn because that is its name (Remember Bridget Jones?)

No matter what day it is, I wake up before the sun to take my dogs for their morning walk.  Today, I returned from my walk and decided to make my daughters scrambled eggs for breakfast.  Wanting something a bit different, I decided to make Apfelschmarrn for myself.

Here are some photos and the recipe from this morning. (It took about ten minutes to make from start to finish.)

vivamb apples in food processor
We have a German video where we left the apple in large pieces. having eaten it both ways, I would suggest using the food processor.
Make sure to warm your appels before adding the eggs. Also, if you want them to look pretty, think about cooking them in a form used to make pancakes (I have them in heart shapes)
Apple and Egg Omelette
For prettier photos, I would sprinkle the cinnamon after cooking. and maybe put the mixture into a form. Since this recipe is so easy, I may try this again tomorrow.


Apple Schmarrn

Ingredients for 1 person

1 portion egg

Mineral water


Vanilla bean

1 apple



Mix your egg portion with mineral water.  Season with salt and the inside of a vanilla bean. (Scrape the inside of the vanilla bean and put it into your egg mixture.)

Wash and cut your apple.  Place it into the food processor so that it is diced into fine pieces. (You could also grate your apple.)

In a pan without fat, warm the finely chopped apples and then pour in the egg mixture. Let the eggs cook until done.

Place mixture on a plate and sprinkle Cinnamon on top.

Note: If you are past strict phase 2, you can use a bit of olive oil in the pan but this recipe tastes great without oil. (I have eaten it both ways.)

Note: I like adding my cinnamon to the apples so that my kitchen smells like cinnamon.

Bonus: Place the remaining vanilla pod in your oven for twenty minutes with the oven set at 200 degrees.  Your whole house will smell like vanilla.

For Lunch, my family decided to continue celebrating a Mexican Christmas and  I made them chicken quesadillas.  This was not on my food list so I ate a salad which made me feel really good.

Not only did I not eat cheese and tortillas but I also fed my body something healthy.  This feeling of accomplishment was soon diminished when I made my daughters peanut butter cookies and shoved three of them in my mouth.

The cookies smelled so good.  They smelled good and they looked good and they were inches from my face as I scooped them out of the oven to cool.    Those few cookies that made their way into my stomach went on the offensive and made my evening very uncomfortable.

So uncomfortable that peanut butter cookies are now on my NO WAY JOSE food list.   I don’t think metabolic balance was thinking I would be trying cookies as one of my new foods of the week but that is what happened.  I’m considering the cookies a Christmas treat meal and will avoid bakery items and cheese tomorrow.  In fact, I translated a few recipes tonight and I will be using one of them tomorrow for lunch.

If you are using the food diary journal pages, you can download day 24 phase 2 here and phase 3 vivamb food diary journal here.


Note to myself:  No Peanut Butter.  It makes you feel like crap.

Note for you:  If you are getting ready to go on metabolic balance, sit down with your kids and explain how you need to avoid making them peanut butter cookies for a few weeks.

Note to Peanut Butter Cookies:  I will not let you defeat me.  I will eat a metabolic balanced meal for each meal tomorrow.  I even translated the recipe tonight so I can buy the ingredients in the morning.  You will not defeat me!