Vivamb Metabolic balance Plan Diary – Getting Back on Track

Vivamb key to success

Where is the key to diet success?

I subscribe to several blogs and in one recent email, I received suggestions on how to avoid gaining weight over the holidays.  Some of the suggestions were good but two of them were annoying and I felt like talking about them today.

The first annoying suggestion was “just say no.”  Say no!  If that was so easy, don’t you think everyone would do that when faced with their favorite foods and drinks during the holidays?  If just saying no was the answer, Americans would not have an obesity issue.  Of course metabolic balance incorporates that attitude into the plan but metabolic balance coaches help you decide how to say no, when to say no and how to avoid getting into the situation where you have to say no.   I think it is horrible to just toss that out there and tell people to say no without giving them some tools to help them make that statement.

The second suggestion that annoyed me was “just eat one.”   I don’t know if you are able to just eat one cookie or just one piece of chocolate but that just doesn’t work for me and I know it doesn’t work for many Americans.   If you are eating the wrong foods, your body may crave more than one, or even worse, not be able to tell you what it needs so you just keep filling it with food it doesn’t need or know how to use.   Luckily for me, I’m aware of my trigger foods and I just stay away from them.  None of my trigger foods are on my metabolic balance plan and I find that as long as I eat the foods on my plan, I’m not craving my trigger foods.   If you don’t have the self control to eat just one, then you better talk to a coach and create a backup plan for yourself when confronted with foods you love.

After getting annoyed with those two suggestions, I decided to look at some of the research quoted in the blog and read a study which stated that Americans are not gaining lots of weight over the holidays.  Americans are gaining a little weight over the entire year which they never lose so you can’t blame your weight gain solely on the holidays.

If you are only gaining one pound a year and saying no to a cookie or eating only one cookie over the holidays, you are not going to change the fact that you gained one pound over the entire year.   That slow gain over the year is what needs to be addressed and that isn’t being addressed by being hypervigilant over the holidays.  You need to be hypervigilant throughout the year and during your lifetime.

My coach encourages me to think of only this week so that I don’t stress about being on the metabolic balance plan for a lifetime but I think it is important for people to know that you are changing how you incorporate food into your life and those changes are hopefully going to be for the long term.   Not just to lose ten pounds for your high school reunion or to be ready for summer.   Going on the metabolic balance program is a decision you make when you decide your health is important enough to change how you live with food.

With that thought in mind, I went back on the strict metabolic balance phase two today and ate several simple meals.  It felt good to go back to eating the foods on my metabolic balance plan and I look forward to experimenting tomorrow with some new recipes.

If you are following along in phase 2, you can download the Vivamb food diary page here (no longer numbered)  If you moved on to phase 3, you can download the Vivamb metabolicbalance phase 3 diary sheet here.