Vivamb metabolic balance After the Christmas Holiday Weight-in 2012



Happy day!  Today I took my measurements and stepped on the scale.  I did not want to step on the scale but to be fair to you, I decided that I needed to do it and share the information with you so you can see how celebrating the holidays affected by measurements.

As you can see two measurements went down by quite a bit while one measurement went up.  Not sure how that works but lets review.

My weight went up by two pounds.  I’m not too worried about that because I feel bloated. I ate a vegetable mixture yesterday that made me feel miserable and bloated.  It was one of those vegetable mixtures that you buy at the store but I guess it had some vegetable in it that my body didn’t like.  Stepping on the scale this morning was not a surprise since I’m still feeling a bit squishy (need some deflating).

I am not throwing the scale out the window or having a tantrum today from the numbers because….

I LOST INCHES!   I have to put that in caps because it is exciting to see inches shrinking away even with a temporary weight gain.  I more than half an inch on my waist and my hips.  No change on my thighs but we already know they are pretty stubborn twins who don’t like to give anything up unless forced to by the body guards.

Seeing that I lost inches (I measured three times) I was happy to put the scale back under the sink for another week and start planning my strategy for this evening.

Why do I need a strategy for this evening?  It is New Years!  We are going to be celebrating with food and drinks and I promised my family to make dinner and make something yummy which is not on any phase of metabolic balance (and I don’t want to try and convert it to a metabolic balance recipe…yet).

My strategy for tonight is to eat what I make as a treat meal and then hop back on the strict phase 2 tomorrow.  I will avoid all fruits today except for my apple and I will stick to all the rules of metabolic balance except not eating after 9pm.  We are celebrating new years with champagne so I will be having one or two drinks around midnight.

If you need tips to help you prepare for your treat meals, just check out the treat meal tips from Dr. Funfack and Sylvia Egel.  They are very helpful.

My measurements from today confirm that the metabolic balance plan is working even through the holidays where too many treat meals are delaying my weight loss progress although my body continues to change its shape which is a great for me and my wardrobe.

For the new year,  I would recommend that you take measurements so that you can see yourself shrinking!

If you are using the vivamb diary pages, you can download a page for phase 2 here and a page for phase 3 here.