New Year’s Resolution- Eat more Apples!

vivamb heart apple

New year resolutions are something most people think about at the beginning of the year.  Have you made your lifestyle resolutions yet?  Here are some links from metabolic balance USA which focus on this topic.

My main lifestyle resolution is to adopt all of the metabolic balance rules in 2013. I’m going to focus on one rule a month (I will be incorporating all the rules but will be putting more emphasis on one rule each month to make them stick.)

This month, I’m going to be focusing on eating my apple everyday and I’m going to be posting (starting on Monday) Apple recipes (M-F) for the rest of January.

That is alot of apple recipes but I want you to have them so you don’t get bored with your apple since eating apples are an essential element of the metabolic balance plan and you will be eating lots of them!

If you have a recipe you want to share, just post it on our Facebook page.  I would love to have more recipes!

[image used with cc permission from Bert Heuvel]



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