Soul Coaching with Denise Linn

I’m currently following Denise Linn’s Soul Coaching book through a cleanse.   If you enjoy alternative medicine and healing, you may find this book helpful.  I’ve been doing the process for the last four years and highly recommend following the book as you go about getting rid of physical and emotional garbage filling your body and your house.

If you would like to hear Denise talking, watch the short clip from Oprah.   I took Denise Linn’s audio course three years ago and enjoyed it but you can easily do the cleansing/coaching by just using the book.   (I’ve taking her dream course too which is aweseome.)

For my physical body, I’ve been focusing the last few weeks on getting rid of the chemicals from my last surgery.  It took three weeks but my body is finally releasing the medicine which has not been fun.   I start my morning feeling great and then by 1300 my body starts releasing and I feel just like I did when I was taking the medicine (just not so severe).  I was going to stop the cleanse on Friday but now I’m going to go until the medicine has been released which I hope doesn’t take too long.