Vivamb Makes An Asparagus Nest

For metabolic balance, I decided to play with an asparagus recipe which used white and green asparagus.  Here are the ingredients for the recipe:


1 portion of vegetables (white and green asparagus, leeks and carrots)

1 portion eggs

vegetable broth

olive oil


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Asparagus is in season right now so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find the green asparagus in the US.  White asparagus might be more of a challenge but if you are up for the hunt, you will not be disappointed.

The first thing you need to do with white asparagus is peel it.

Always peel white asparagus. I’m using a vegetable peeler. They do have asparagus peelers (I don’t find them easy to use).

Once you have peeled the white asparagus stalks, put them in boiling water and cook them until they are no longer woody. (You need the asparagus soft enough to wrap into a nest and don’t try peeling the tips, they will just fall off and that is one of the best parts!)

Cook green asparagus but remove them before they get too soft (you need to be able to slice them without them falling apart).  I don’t like mushy green asparagus so be careful when cooking them. They do not take as long as the white asparagus and will get droopy pretty quickly.

Set both asparagus aside to cool.  Once cool, slice the asparagus into strips.



This isn’t hard to do (slicing asparagus).  Just set the cooled asparagus on the cutting board and slice from the bottom to the top.  You should be able to slice them into four pieces.

Boil an egg.  (Boil an egg for three minutes and the egg will still be soft inside.  If you don’t like soft eggs boil the egg for longer.  I usually forget I’m boiling eggs so they are pretty dry.)

Clean and wash the leek.  Cook the leek and carrot in the vegetable broth until soft. Drain the broth.  Add herbs to the leek and carrots and then puree.

Take the asparagus strips and sauté with a bit of oil and season to taste.


Place the puree in a puddle on a plate.  Take the sautéed asparagus and place them on the puree to form a ring.  Keep building alternating the color of asparagus until you have created a nest made of asparagus.


Place your peeled egg in the middle of the nest and serve.

NOTE: If you are in the strict phase, omit the oil and sauté your asparagus in a bit of the vegetable broth you used to cook the leek. (that step really is to just to warm the asparagus. If you time it right, and your hands can handle it, you can just slice the asparagus after draining them and make the nest while the asparagus strips are warm.

I’m telling you.  This recipe is awesome.  Not only is it easy to make, it just tastes great!  I created the puree based on a soup recipe and that helped keep the asparagus in place and added a sweetness to the dish that worked perfectly with the asparagus and egg.

I will definitely be making this again before asparagus season is over.

If you want to tell me about your asparagus experiment or comment about food and healthy living, you are welcome to comment on the vivamb facebook page.