Vivamb Wants to know. Where is Spring?

Emmy wants to know where Spring Could be

Emmy wants to know where Spring Could beOk. I’m ready to start blogging again.  It has taken me a few months to get my chocolate/bread/Sugar issue under control and to cleanse some chemicals from my surgery.  I could have blogged that for you but it was frustrating and I don’t like to blog through frustration.  I will make a page post about detoxing later one but for now, you will have to believe me that it sucked big time.

It amazes me how giving up one item triggers my body in strange ways.  It reminds me that my body is an amazing machine that I must treat it with care and respect.  Keeping the chemistry of my body balanced is one of the reasons I like metabolic balance.

Sylvia Egel gave me some great advice about using specific salts to help with cravings.  Since I live in Europe, finding the salt is super easy.  I just walked into the pharmacy and said, “my coach said I need to take some kind of salt so that I don’t want to eat chocolate.”  The pharmacist nodded her head and reached for a bottle and handed it to me.  Super easy.   I don’t think that would work in the US but it works in Europe and I’m now a chocolate free zone, the swelling is gone and I have my cheekbones back!

The release of chemicals stored in fat is not a topic of current medical research but it certainly should be.  I found that once my body tapped into those stored chemicals I felt like crap.   I still have a bit more to get rid of but my body was pretty fed up after three weeks so we are giving the detox a break for a few weeks.

If you like clothes (I do) and you are an hour glass figure, you might like following my blog about redoing my wardrobe.  I’ve always struggled with my hour glass figure because it never seems to follow fashion.   Now that I’m over forty, I’ve decided to get professional advice and guidance for my clothing choices so that I’m always looking great no matter what I’m wearing or what size I am (38-42 Europe/ 8-12 US).

Right now I’m between the 38/40 which makes picking outfit pieces an issue because I need to make sure my clothes fit really well.  For example,  Rachel Moss, the style consultant I’m using, said that my jackets must be very fitted.  That was an aha moment for me.  I never wore jackets because they made me feel horrible.   Rachel explained that it made me feel horrible because the jackets fell below my butt and then just made me look like a huge sausage no definition.  It is one of those rules you are supposed to pay attention to as an hour glass and I failed.

I laughed when rachel actually saw my body.  She seemed shocked that I wasn’t fatter.  Funny how the wrong clothes must make you look like CRAP.

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