I’m Sick and Tired – How Do I Stay metabolically Balanced?

two women crossing street

two women crossing street

 The answer is I don’t know but we will find out because I started rebalancing this week.  I was going to wait until after I recovered from this dreadful virus I picked up in NYC but I decided that I could not postpone the process any longer.    I am now strictly following my metabolic balance plan while on antibiotics and bedrest.

How do I feel about this?  I feel grumpy.  I’m grumpy because I’m sick and I’ve been trained since childhood that when I’m sick, I’m supposed to eat foods that comfort me. What are my comfort foods? I have only one. Bread.  Not rye bread which is allowed on the metabolic balance plan but the other kind of bread.  All those white breads. Every Single one of them.

This love of bread comes from my German father.  Every Saturday, he would take us to the German bakery in Middleton Wisconsin and stock up on fresh hard rolls.  As soon as we arrived home, my father would rip open a roll, scoop out the inside and slather the exterior walls with butter, liverwurst and sugarbeet syrup.   I know that sounds kind of disgusting but that was his favourite and the bun (not the rest) is still on my list of favourite foods.

On days when my father couldn’t get to the bakery, he would make homemade plum pancakes, jelly filled donuts or ask my mother to make some arepas, pan de Yuca, or some other multicultural starchy food yumminess that popped into their heads.

I’m an adult now but this habit of grabbing some starchy yumminess when I’m feeling icky can feel like an overpowering force blasting through my good intentions and metabolic balanced diet.

Unlike NYC where there is a Starbucks on every corner, Munich has a bakery on every corner.  This isn’t helpful for a fragile metabolic balancer.  There is nothing in a bakery that I can eat and stay on plan.  Nothing. Rye bread may be found at the grocery store but the bakeries in my neighbourhood do not specialise in Rye bread.  They specialise in cakes and croissants, French bread and Big Pretzels filled with cream cheese and spring onions.

To avoid going off the rails, I’ve once again banned myself from entering bakeries. These establishments are not helping me to stay balanced even though everything inside looks and tastes wonderful.  

Do you have a food that you must be careful around?  A food that will trip you up and throw you off course?   If you have that food in your house, go throw it away right now.  It should not be around you while you are trying to rebalance.   In fact, go into your pantry and clear out anything you find tempting or that might encourage you to snack or stray from your metabolic balance food list during phase 2-4.

Once you get to the last metabolic balance phase, you can add foods back into your diet but my suggestion is that you avoid foods that cause problems.  Just like those crazy maker friends that you’ve had to cut ties with in the past, you will have to cut ties with these crazy maker food items.  

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