Spring is Here. I’m doing a “Heilfasten” – Day 1 Healing Fast

coffee and sugar


Today is Friday and I’m starting a healing fast. I usually like to start tedious things like this on Mondays but what the heck!  When you are ready, you are ready and I’m ready to let my body fix itself for the length of a long fast.

Heilfasten is a very German thing so during my fast, I will talk about the process of cleaning out my body and what benefits I obtain from fasting.  I’m not a holistic doctor so anything I tell you is from my personal experience and from my own research.

This Healing fast is not a metabolic balance thing so please do not bother your metabolic balance coach with questions about fasting unless they are a holistic doctor/nutritionist who uses fasting in their practice.  Although in the first phase of the metabolic balance plan you are doing a mini fast to reset your body, you are not doing a full length healing fast and you should not try to incorporate one until you are in the maintenance phase of metabolic balance.

(Note: Most people who are on a standard American diet will struggle with a healing fast so don’t try one until you are eating healthy and don’t have detox issues.  Also, if you are pregnant or have any health issues being supervised by a doctor, stay away from fasting. )

When did I start fasting?  My first fast was in 2003 in a German hospital. I was feeling horrible and the doctors plopped me in a bed and did not feed me for seven days. I did not speak the language and they just kept giving me glasses of tea.   The doctor was the only one who spoke English and he said the absence of food was allowing my body to heal what was wrong with my digestive system.  After seven days of tea, I felt better and left the hospital knowing that I would add fasting to my yearly spring cleaning routine.

Since 2003,  I’ve done several fasts and always felt better. Each time I fast, I try to fast a little longer but have found that 40 days is the longest I can fast without being extremely bored with fasting.  at 30 days, my brain starts complaining about everything there is to complain about in regards to fasting while my bodily continues to repair injured parts of my body.  How do I know my body is repairing?  I saw it!   According to the healing journals I’ve read, your body just chews away at the debris that is within your body.  It uses the nutrients you are sending it works away at the rust you’ve let accumulate over the years.   I will see if I can take photos this time to keep track and see of blemishes etc. disappear.

Fasting isn’t cosmetic surgery. It will not erase the years.  I like to think of my body as a classic automobile and fasting is a good scrub down of all the original parts.  If you take good care of a classic car, it will keep humming away. If you don’t you will be visiting the repair shop more often than you would like.

So, for the next 40 days, we are doing s scrub down of my insides using herbal teas and juices.

To prepare for the fast, I spent several weeks lightening my food intake and lowering my coffee consumption. The process of preparing for a fast also included changing my schedule a bit so that I don’t have any stressful event/fairs/exhibitions during the next forty days which may sabotage my fast.   

The last time I fasted for forty days, I decided to eat raw, this time, I will just go back on my metabolic balance plan which I’m very happy following.

Day 1

For day one, I’m drinking a German tea that you can buy at the grocery store. The  tea is called Fasten Tee (herbal tea) and is made out of Green tea, cilantro, maté, juniper, and some other herbs that do not have an equivalent translation in google.  The instructions say the tea is for a six week house fast.  According to the box, each tea bag should be soaked for ten minutes before drinking.   The company suggests drinking 3 to 5 cups of this tea per fasting day and that is it. (this is what I had at the hospital).

I am not wanting to drink only this tea.  I know from my last long fast that I get bored of tea/juice so the more varieties the better for me so I will  also be drinking Rooibos tea which is very good for you and some other teas that I found at the market. 

I will be posting videos so you can see my juicer, the teas, my healing fast face.   It shall be exciting and I’m sorry, I will probably be blogging lots of recipes I want to try once I get off the fast or photos of food I wish I could be eating.

If you have any questions, you can ask me on Facebook.