Day 2 Healing Fast


We are almost done with Day 2 and i’m feeling fine.   I didn’t have time to make tea this morning so I drank some water and ran to do some errands.  This was not the best plan because a few hours later I was feeling hungry which made me feel a bit grumpy.

When I got home I mixed a ready made green juice with some papaya and a banana and then made the herbal fasting tea that I bought yesterday at the grocery store.   I drank the fruit first and then drank the herbal tea.

I would like to mention that the herbal fasting tea tastes like grass.  I know what grass tastes like because I lived in the countryside as a child and we would take the grass and blow on it to make it whistle and then munch on the grass like little cows.

I can’t whistle with this tea or munch on it but I can drink it and that is all that matters for the next six weeks.

A while back I watched this video about different diets on BBC.

Michael wrote a book about his life on a 5 – 2 diet and he has been credited with “finding” out about fasting but Germans have been fasting and have hotel/spas created just for people to go and fast.

Of course a German fast is never just two days.  A German fasts  is for days (four to six weeks) and no one thinks anything odd about it.  You just tell people you are on a Healing fast and they nod and stop offering you food and switch to offering you hot water or tea.

I think this is one of the problems with fasting in the United States.  In the US, the culture is to eat and traditional medicine discourages people from skipping any meals even though research has shown that fasting for two to four days helps the body fix its immune system.

So, by the end of my fast today, my body will have started to fix my immune system as it scrubs away at my insides which costs me only the price of a bag of tea.

After I’m done drinking my grass favoured tea, I’m going to go grab a glass of Rooibos to end the day with a yummy taste in my mouth.

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