Day 3 Health Fast – A little Bit of Green Juice and a Walk

papaya with seeds

 As day three comes to an end, I’m sipping on papaya, blueberries, banana mixed with some tea.   The blueberries were frozen so the drink is slushy like a sorbet which makes me super happy on this sunny sunday afternoon.

I went to an Etsy conference today where I knew they were going to have a big buffet of homemade yummy foods made by the Etsy participants so I went prepared with my own tea bags and a green juice.  

As I told you before, no one in Germany cares whether you eat or not so it was easy to sip on tea and slurp down a green juice between speakers.    

There are different viewpoints on whether you should be working out while fasting but everyone seems to think it is ok to walk so I went on a 5km walk this morning downtown to Marienplatz and then near Goetheplatz for the conference.  According to this article, walking is one of the best forms of exercise you can do and living in Munich, I have the opportunity to walk quite a bit through some very beautiful places.

Mural by Julian located in Haidhausen Munich
Mural by Julian located in Haidhausen, Munich