Day 4 Healing Feast/Fast – 8 Tips for Mindful Eating

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I think keeping busy is a good way to ignore that you are not eating but when you are eating, you should focus and be mindful of what you are eating.  According to Harvard Health, distracted eating may make you gain weight and what is the point of eating healthy if you are shoving too much food into your mouth and not enjoying the experience.

How do you eat mindfully?  

Make sure that it takes almost twenty minutes to eat a meal. If you snarf down your food like a wild animal, it might be hard to slow down or gauge how long it should take to eat a meal. Set a timer for twenty minutes and sit down at a table until the buzzer goes off.  If you eat with your family, don’t let anyone leave the table before the timer goes off.  You will be surprised how long twenty minutes feels in this digital age but twenty minutes is the minimum amount of time you should be eating. Ideally, you will sit at the table and be finished eating in an hour. (metabolic balance will require you to eat a bit of protein again if your meal extends beyond an hour.)

Now that you’ve set the timer and sat at a table for 20 minutes, try adding the following to be more mindful during your meal:

  • Don’t eat the same thing each day.  By changing the ingredients of your meals, you will pay more attention to the food you are eating. While on metabolic balance, you are required to eat different food at each meal without repeats in proteins or fruits.
  • When you take a bite, pay attention to how the bite feels in your mouth.  What the food smells like before you place the bite in your mouth.  Enjoy the process of eating each bite of your meal.
  • Don’t eat in a hurry.  Wait until you have at least 20 minutes to sit down and focus on the food you have chosen to eat.
  • Keep your thoughts positive. It isn’t the end of the world if you eat something unhealthy. Remember that in business 80 percent is considered a success so if you can be mindful for 16  out of twenty minutes, you are doing great at being mindful during your meal.
  • Be grateful for the food and the life you are leading.  Think about things in your life that you are grateful for and share these thoughts with those around you.
  • Spend time making your food look beautiful and focusing on the way you set up your table.  Invest in beautiful plates, glasses, cloth napkins, tablecloths and  flatware.
  • Buy the best quality foods you can afford or start growing your own. Growing your own food will add more flavour and add to your list of things to be grateful for at the dinner table.
  • Shut off all distractions such as TV, phones and computers.  If you can stomach it, try playing some classical music to boost your immune system, reduce your blood pressure and relieve stress.  It doesn’t have to be classical but it must be a slower tempo which helps slow down heart rates and breathing.

Today, I drank an avocado. It was thick like pudding so it felt decadent.  What a great way to end the day. (The avocado was with blueberries and a banana)

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PS. I notice I’ve been using Fast but this also can be considered a Healing feast and fast since I’m doing both.