Day 6 Healing Fast – The Benefits of a Healing Fast

Benefits of a Healing Fast

My healing fast is going well. I haven’t had any major detox symptoms and I don’t have any cravings.  I worried about chocolate and having to cook dinner for my daughter but I luckily have a friend who will eat my portion of the recipes so they are not sitting in front of me all evening long. (I can’t seem to cook for one.)

My intake today was pretty simple. Tea and Juice. I’m drinking the Juice during regular meal times and I’m getting used to the health tea. The company that makes the healing fast tea has a detox tea that I will try over the weekend.  

Tomorrow, I will be downtown at the gallery working with some artists and will go to viktualianmarkt and get some super fresh juice (without having to clean up the mess.)


Note: I found this website called and I’ve been making infographics. Usually I do an internet search for infographics but now I can easily make my own.