Day 7/8 Water Washes Away My Electricity

photo of counting


I’m dealing with a slight emergency in my apartment which knocked out my electricity.  A week ago, something broke in my bathroom and the plumber fixed it but when he fixed the broken piece he broke something else.

I didn’t realise something was broken until I came home and half of my house did not have electricity.   I unplugged everything and tried switching on the breaker but it refused.  I couldn’t figure out what would be putting so much pressure on the breaker when the only things plugged in were my alarm clock and computer so I called the condo people and then headed to bed.

Right before drifting off to sleep, I heard,   “drip…drip…drip,”and my eyes popped wide open.  What the heck was dripping downstairs?

Using my iphone as a flashlight, I Opened the downstairs bathroom door and saw water flowing through the light fixture and vent.  No wonder my electricity shut off!  Running upstairs, I turned off all the water in the bathroom and decided to sleep on my living room couch just in case the ceiling collapsed in the middle of the night suffocating me in  my sleep.

This morning, the condo people sent over the plumber who fixed the broken pipe after accusing me of trying to fix it. (yeah right.)

What does this have to do with my healing fast?  Well, 

  • I did not get stressed by any of this. It is as if I’m watching this  happen to someone else. It doesn’t make me angry that the plumber broke something in my bathroom which leaked over and damaged everything in the downstairs bathroom (that I use as a closet).  I didn’t get angry that I had to cancel all plans for today. It didn’t make me angry that I don’t know the vocabulary words in German for dealing with this emergency.
  • I felt grateful. Grateful that it was not a problem in my kitchen and that it happened on a Thursday and not a Sunday when everything is closed.  I felt grateful that it leaked over everything in that spare bathroom so I have an excuse to throw it all out and maybe get reimbursed by the condo for what is in the bathroom.
  • I’m relieved that ‘m not eating solid foods so that not having a fully functioning toilet is not such a disaster.

Now that I’ve passed day 7 of the healing fast, I feel my body has made the declaration that it is willing to go with me on this journey towards healing and better health. My body is not complaining at the lack of solid foods.  In fact, it seems pretty happy with tea and the different juices I’ve been making. 

As I’ve said before, Healing fast is a German thing and I do not encourage people to do a fast without consulting a doctor.  Do not use a healing fast for weight loss.  If you are not eating a healthy diet before doing a healing fast, you will have detox symptoms which are not fun at all.    

For today, I will be juicing spinach and mixing it with an avocado and my fruit.  As I start organising the vegetables and fruit that will go into my juice, I realised you could actually be on metabolic balance during a healing fast.  You would just need to juice all the vegetables and fruit.  Of course, Dr. Funfack was not a big fan of juice.  In your everyday metabolic balance life, you should keep juice to a minimum and focus on eating the fruit because your body needs everything that comes in a piece of fruit not just the juice.

One of the benefits of being on the metabolic balance plan when I’m not on a healing fast is that my taste buds have changed and I can drink green juices.  Before starting metabolic balance, green juice made me want to gag.   Now, I can drink a green juices without gagging which makes the cleanse a bit easier to do.   If you would like to share your thoughts, you are welcome to leave a comment on myvivamb facebook page.