Day 9 Healing Fast – Juicing a Head of Lettuce

Today I juiced a head of lettuce. It contained lots of liquid and I poured all of the liquid into the blender which was a mistake.  

lettuce head in front of a woman's head
This is how I felt after drinking a juiced lettuce head.

The head of lettuce left my morning juice tasting like I was drinking a salad which was not what I wanted. I really should have made my juice and poured the lettuce juice into the mixture not the other way around.  and It seemed like it took forever for me to drink my green juice this morning. I did not have this problem when I juiced a whole bag of spinach which turned out darker but quite a bit less juice.

Today, day 9,  I felt bored.  It took nine days to get bored of drinking juice.  I acknowledge this boredom and accept it but will continue going forward with the juice fast.   

Boredom is not a reason to stop juicing.  I find that I’m bored of juice when I’m cooking dinner for my daughter.   Today I made her pasta with bell peppers, ground meat and a tomato sauce.  The smell of the peppers made me really want to eat a pepper but I persevered and served her dinner and myself a juice.

 That sounds funny.  I don’t want chocolate or chips or even the pasta, I want the bell pepper… maybe I should try adding one to my juice tomorrow. I will look up to see if there are any juice recipes with bell peppers.

If you have a recipe suggestion or want to make a comment, you are welcome to let me know on Facebook.

photo credit for lettuce head

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