Day 12 -emotional roller coaster not caused by hormones

 “What is wrong with you mommy? Here is a piece of paper to make you feel better.”
I am sad today because I walked into an ambush and got verbally pelted. I was not prepared and it made me cry.  Things have been cleared up but the onslaught left me  licking my wounds and crying big fat tears.

The great thing about  fasting is that food is not a possible comfort. I feel the sadness and the grief. I will look like shit tomorrow with big puffy eyes but on Thursday I will be hanging lovely art on the walls of the Friday gallery and redecorating the gallery to fit my art studio.

The whole day has been ups and downs like this… Super great news and shitty news one after the other.   Hopefully tomorrow will be all rainbows and unicorns and sunshine to dry the tears away.

Note: crying can happen on a detox but usually it has no foundation in your activities that day. It is just a stored emotion being released. Maybe my detox forced stored emotion in others to flow in my direction… Some type of esoteric universal cleanse. 

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