Day 18 – The Missing Week in Review

Emmy Horstkamp three dogs waiting.
Where were you? We’ve been waiting for a very long time.


I’m still juice feasting.  Last week was not the best week to be juice feasting but I stayed on course even after having to vacate my art studio way ahead of schedule and sitting in a Bavarian restaurant with nothing to eat on the menu and no fresh juice in sight.

The last event happened on Friday.  We stopped at a cafe for an art exhibition but there weren’t any free tables and my daughter was hungry.  Walking down the street, we saw a Bavarian pub with lots of free tables out front.  Sitting down, everyone opened their menus and smiled.  Good old Bavarian food.

I looked at the menu and debated whether I should try drinking the broth of an onion soup or  break the fast for the weekend and start over again on Monday.  I wasn’t hungry and there was no pressure to eat so I was feeling like it would be silly to toss away so many days just because I was at a yummy restaurant.

When the waitress came over, I decided to order a Russn which is a beer with lemon flavored soda. It was delicious.  Of course up to this point, my fast was pure fruits and vegetables but the beer was definitely the best choice on the menu and German beer has no preservatives so it wasn’t going to cause problems with my stomach.

I left the pub a bit tipsy from one half beer and happy that I didn’t have a stomach full of heavy Bavarian food.

Looking back over the week,  I learned that I’m really able to go with the flow.   Although I did a bit of crying, the crying was for the misunderstanding that never needed to have happened not for my lack of bread or meat and it was an expression of emotion that needed to happen to keep my body healthy.

Being on this cleanse eliminated any chance of me grabbing comfort food and now, I’m wondering if I need comfort food the next time I get emotionally upset.  Maybe I’m ready to allow my body to feel its emotions and to let them go instead of adding those emotions onto my body as excess weight.

I hope you all had a wonderful week. You are welcome to let me know how things are going for you over on Facebook.  I will try to be more consistent this week now that the emotional drama is over.