Day 20 – Adding Probiotics is the Plan

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When I lived in Asia, my daughter used to drink a small Japanese probiotic drink everyday before she went to school.  She loved not only drinking probiotics but also drank Green juice by the gallon.

When we moved to Germany, green juice and probiotics did not exist in the same format as in Singapore so my daughter stopped drinking both.

For metabolic balance this week, I’ve been posting information about probiotics and I decided to see how I could add some probiotics to my meals and maybe even back into my daughter’s routine.

I suggested on metabolic balance that you try making a swiss cheese and sauerkraut sandwich on rye bread.  I think the idea sounds yummy.  Sauerkraut and Swiss cheese are both good sources of probiotics.    Just remember you can’t make a Rueben sandwich because you can’t use two proteins.  Of course you can pick a meat for your sandwich but then you will only be getting your probiotics from the sauerkraut. 

For the probiotic benefits pick a fermented cheese over any meat.

When I’m done detoxing, I’m going to try making a grilled swiss cheese and sauerkraut on rye bread sandwich maybe adding some zucchini or roasted bell peppers for a bit of color. I might try pureeing the roasted peppers so it is kind of like the sauce on a Rueben.

For my daughter, I’m going to experiment with fermented cheese to see which ones she will eat. (fermented cheeses include swiss and gouda.)

Today, I realised I have no immediate emotional attachment to food.  In fact, I bought bakery products for a meeting today and acknowledged how good it smelled without feeling tempted to taste it.

I  feel like reaching 20 days means I can go 20 more days of healthy vegetable and fruit and yogurt eating.  As long as I continue to feel good and have positive results, I will keep going forward until my body feels completely healed.   How long does it take to heal a body?  I’m guessing it takes as long as it takes.