Day 26 – Is that a zucchini in your pocket?

I made this infographic today for metabolic balance.  I wish I could eat one but I will add one to my juice tomorrow.

I now know why I have that metallic taste in my mouth.   I’m been detoxing for 26 days and I’m entering a deeper phase of the cleanse. I lost track of time because I didn’t have much to write about.  I was drinking the same thing three times a day and working. Except for the metal taste in my mouth, I did not feel any different than usual.

The longer you cleanse the deeper the cleanse so I’m now entering a deeper cleanse which means my body is tackling the after surgery Debacle.


A few years ago, I was eating a very basic diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, seeds, homemade breads, and a bit of meat. I was healthy except for a pesky gallbladder filled with stones which always became inflamed by a pesky bug we all carry in our stomachs.

When I went to the hospital, the doctors saw a huge stone in my gallbladder and insisted on removing the gallbladder even though my stomach infection was the reason I was in the hospital.

This was the third time my stomach irritated my gall bladder and I decided to let them take it out.

After the surgery, my internist wanted to get rid of the bug which caused the infection,  so he gave me a triple therapy which I needed to take for a very long time. (That is how difficult helicobacter-pylori is to get out of your body.)

As soon as I put the medicine in my mouth, my body retaliated and I almost passed out.  The doctor reduced the dosage but my body was still very unhappy with so many chemicals attacking the helicobacter-pylori which was attacking my stomach. I was caught in a strange war between my body, the bug and the chemicals.

During the days I was taking the medicine, I had a strong craving for honey and quark. It was as if my body needed the natural antibiotic in the honey and the dairy fat to store all that horrible medicine I was introducing each day.  The honey/quark was how my body protected itself.

At the end of the treatment, I was 20 pounds heavier. Now, as my body tackles the quark/fat/medicine reserves, I can feel the medicine entering my bloodstream.  I can taste it in my mouth – a horrible metallic taste.

Luckily I’m not craving quark but kefir which I’m adding to my juices.

I’m not a medical doctor.  This is just my personal experience. But if you need a study, here is one about reintoxification when chemicals stored in your fat are released.(they are talking about canabis and in this article they talk about other toxins which can cause serious health issues when a person rapidly loses weight.

If your body is filled with man-made chemicals, fast only under the supervision of a medical doctor.

If you don’t have a feasting/fasting friendly doctor down the street, think about going to a fasting clinic so that you can be supervised during the process.   With the amount of chemicals Americans ingest on a daily, monthly and yearly basis, the fasting process can be dangerous as toxins are released into your bloodstream.

The goal of juice feasting/fasting is to make you healthy.

If you have been eating a regular American diet, it is much better for you to eat on the metabolic balance plan and let those chemicals out slowly.

If you are interested in this topic, here are a few more articles about man-made chemicals being stored in your body.

Drug Storage within the body

Governments Bio monitoring Report ( a list of all the man-made chemicals you might be carrying around in your body)

Information about Body Burden

Entry and Fate of Chemicals into the human body




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