Cleaning Everyday for 30 Days

Did you read my post last week on metabolic balance about cleaning? If you didn’t, here is the schedule I will be following for the next 30 days.

Before starting the 30 day schedule, I thought I would see if I could clean for four hours straight.   This task was daunting for me.   I have many things I like to do for four hours but golfing and cleaning are not on the list.  Waking up on Saturday, I decided I would try this four hour schedule to make Monday’s work a bit easier.  Setting the timer on my iphone, I pulled up the directions and off I went, cleaning for 2.5 hours. I dusted, cleaned mirrors (I have two), dusted, wiped off all surfaces, dusted, vacuumed the floors, the ceilings

and my couch

I think the biggest accomplishment on Saturday was getting down on the floor of the bathroom with my steam cleaner and cleaning the tiles. I took the steam cleaner to the grout and blasted away dirt I didn’t know existed.   Now, thanks to my steam cleaner, my bathroom feels super clean but not clean enough.  Now, I want to dig out all the dated tiles and fixtures and remodel it ASAP. Clean is not enough for my ugly shades of gray bathroom.

Today is day 2 of the 30 day cleaning routine and I’m working on the bathroom again.  We deep cleaned it on Saturday so I would prefer to ignore it but it is on the schedule so I’m going to focus on figuring out how to store towels. I will let you know if I figure anything out.  The goal for yesterday (day 1)  was to vacuum the couch to get rid of dog hair and to clean off the counters of my kitchen.  I will post a photo of my couch for you tomorrow so you can see the challenge I face keeping it black in a world of fuzzy white.

If you are trying this cleaning schedule, let me know how it is working for you and how you change it to fit your lifestyle.

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