Day 3 – What’s Under the Bed?


I cleaned last night at 10:30pm.  I guess there’s no rule that says the 30 minute cleaning episode must happen at the same time everyday. For me, cleaning the bedroom when I’m in the bedroom makes the most sense but I’m only in the bedroom when I wake up in the morning or when I go to bed.

I leave my bedroom around 530am every morning to take my dogs for a walk and I don’t get back into the bedroom until around 2200. Last night, when I wandered downstairs into my bedroom, I swept the wood floor with my swiffer and then cleared off the marble window shelves.

Because I want to free up the energy in my house, I’ve been letting go of things I have not used in two years and I’ve been moving around furniture.  I’ve also decided that everything in my house must be stored in a cabinet or a box except for a few candle holders and books. I will no longer have anything out except in the kitchen where I have electronics on the countertops. This rule does not include my plants and a few choice accessories but does apply to everything else.

I am making this rule so that I stop accumulating clutter. If everything has a home, it is more likely to find its way back there instead of making its way on top of my printers or the kitchen table.  The challenge to this rule is my 13 year old daughter.

We will see how we do over the next couple of months.

The goal for today, Thursday, is to surface clean the office/guest room but I don’t have one of those. My office is at Frauenstrasse 18 and i’m on vacation so will not visit the office until Monday and will not wander down there just to surface clean all the art supplies I dropped off on Sunday.  I also do not have a guest room which is why I send visitors to a hotel.

Because I don’t have an office or a guest room,I decided to clean around my printers and clean off the desk in my bedroom because those two things seemed office related and were not touched on Saturdays 2.5 hour cleaning spree.

I’ve been cleaning for almost a week and I like the results.  If you would like to follow my cleaning schedule, you can find it here.  I will not be doing the four hour cleaning again. If you want to try it, I only achieved a 2.5 hours.  That is the time to beat.  (just cleaning is the big challenge. I can organise for 18 hours straight and still have things left to organise.)

I wrote a post today for metabolic balance based on some info Len sent me. The post is sales and marketing material but it does share some information from a study that promotes metabolic balance. I’ve talked about this study before.  It talks about how keeping your metabolism balance really raises your quality of life.   A good reason to be a metabolic balancer. I’m a balancer, he’s a balancer, she’s a balancer wouldn’t you like to be a balancer too? ( I do not drink Dr. Pepper or advocate drinking it. I just like this jingle.)