DietBet Challenge Has Begun

IMG_0041 1.JPG
This is not a metabolic balance breakast but it is a German breakfast.

metabolic balance has decided to play the Dietbet Game which means that I’m blogging on the company blog and on Dietbet during the challenges.  It also means that I’m seriously rebalancing this New Year because I have to lose a percentage of my body weight not just to feel better but to win the bet!

Rebalancing. What does that mean to rebalance?  metabolic balance has four phases and as you progress through those phases you add more foods and learn to pay attention to your body in regards to what foods are good for your system and what foods interfere with your balanced metabolism.

When you rebalance, you pull back and go back to the beginning either phase 1 or 2.  For me, I pulled back all the way to phase 1 to reboot.  I needed to make my body pay attention to the change I was making.

For me, rebalancing is a time to let go of bread which is my weakness.  If you have struggled with your weight, you will have a weakness either in a food or a situation that makes you eat.  Bread is this weakness for me. It is associated with Saturday morning trips to the German bakery in Middleton, Wisconsin for warm German Rye bread made the German way and Pan de Yuca and Arepas made by my Colombian mother on Sunday mornings.  So many memories from my childhood are wrapped up in bread and when I eat a warm pretzel I’m transported back to those happy days.

Unfortunately, bread is not a staple for metabolic balance.  I can eat exotic breads as a treat meal but not on a daily basis so if I avoid bread I’m ok but I still have not mastered the bread as a treat scenario nor eating just a tiny bit to satisfy the memory… When I eat a bite of a pretzel, I want the whole pretzel.

Over the last few years, I’ve worked with chocolate and relegated it to an occasional treat instead of a daily treat but the change was not overnight. Bread, like chocolate is taking time to transition away from a daily necessity.  Until I succeed at this, I will continue rebalancing and teaching my body what it needs to eat not what my emotions craves to eat.

You can still join the dietbet game until the end of this week.  The game costs 35 Dollars and if you reach your goal, you get your money back.  If you want a metabolic coach to help you through the process, you can find one on the website.