Lent Me metabolic balanced

I will be blogging everyday of lent. metabolic balance now has an international blog for metabolic balancers to share their stories. If you are a metabolic balancer and want to share, please let me know 🙂

Live Clean MB

Lent is a great time to focus on the metabolic balance rules .   Lets try and follow the rules as much as possible.  If you are not religious, you can just spend 40 days thinking about the following 8 rules and how you deal with them in your personal life as a metabolic balancer.

Here is how I’ve been dealing with the rules so far:

  1. Eat only three meals a day.  This rule is easy for me to follow.  I was raised by European parents and there were no snacks in our house. I ate three meals a day with maybe an evening dessert.  We never munched our way through the day and I have continued to live on three meals a day.
  2. Ensure there is a five hour break between meals.  I’m not so good with this rule. The problem usually is with lunch. I will have longer than five hours between breakfast…

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