La Valleur Metabolic Balance®: Soup’s On!

on livecleanmb, I’m blogging with Barbara La Valleur. Here is her post about soup 🙂

Live Clean MB

After about six weeks on my journey with metabolic balance®, I emailed my coach and asked about soup. It’s winter in Minnesota and one of my favorite dishes is a good homemade soup which takes the chill off a cold day.

I was thrilled when she responded, “You could make any soup you’d like. Just use an organic vegetable broth – add your portion of veggies and protein for the meal. And any seasonings that you enjoy.”

Luckily my refrigerator is full of tasty fresh veggies and spices and my freezer has pre-measured chicken and venison portions so I had everything I needed to make soup and I immediately made a tasty chicken with veggies soup – cooking a double batch to have another portion ready to go.

Here’s my recipe, although the great thing about this – I certainly didn’t follow a recipe, I just used what I had – you can…

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