My name is Emmy Horstkamp and I offer coaching and advisory services in the following areas:

Life and Career Coaching

Business Strategy

Intuitive Guidance

Dream Coaching

Trained as a lawyer, I use my analytical abilities to assess goals and ideas and create a timeline that will assist my clients with  project management. For the last decade, I’ve explored ways to find an inner balance which allows individuals to pursue and succeed at careers which tap into their passions. Exploring alternative therapies, I’m trained to assist you in utilising your dreams, and have the experience to help you deal with the stress of unforeseen changes which throw life off balance.

If you would like to schedule an appointment, please email me at emmy@vivamb.com or fill out this contact form.

My fee schedule is here. Please read through my fees before contacting me.

In addition to coaching, I research ideas, develop new product lines, brainstorm for innovation,  develop social media channels, create workshops, work on community building, business development and content development. My fees for non- coaching work are by flat fee or per hour depending on the project.  Please check my fee schedule for approximate costs.

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