Bedroom Cleaning – Pillows

I wash my pillows but didn’t realise that I needed to wash my pillow three times a year! Today, I will wash my feather pillows along with my sheets and other bed coverings.

Yesterday, I tackled my shoe closet. I took out all the shoes that I can no longer wear because my broken toes will not accept being squished into a pointy dress shoe. It is sad to see these shoes go but they have been in my closet for two years and I’m not using them.  I’m using the space created by the discarded shoes to store all of the shoes stacked in front of my front door.

The challenge will now be to take shoes into my bedroom each evening. Maybe after a few months of following this cleaning schedule, I will be shining my shoes before putting them away… at least until I can have this man polishing my shoes for me.

feather pillow fight photo is by Kuba Bozanowski

Monday and We’re on the Clean

giphy (3) beyonce dancing

Where was I?  Here. This is me grinding dirt into oblivion following the 30 minutes a day schedule. Over the weekend, I stayed on track even when I went offline from writing. My cleaning on Sunday compelled me to start renovating my kitchen. Looking through Kitchen designs and Kitchen remodels on Pinterest I realised I needed to do something with the cabinets.

First, I shouldn’t have anything on top of my cabinets. I think the designer’s assumption is that you are putting decorations on top of your cabinets but I was using the tops of my cabinets as additional storage space for things with no permanent home… like land of broken toys. The top of my cabinets were for all those things I didn’t really need but felt like I shouldn’t throw away. On Sunday, I took everything off the tops of my cabinets and found a new home for those items inside of the cabinets or in the trash bin. It felt good to tackle this cleaning/sorting job so I decided to keep going.

I took off the trim on the cabinets, removed the door pulls, and painted the kitchen wall a shade of brown. Removing the trim and painting the walls took about 3 hours. Finding a new home for all the stuff on top of my cabinets took another 2 hours.   Today’s trip to the recycle center to drop off the trim and old light fixtures from underneath the cabinets took 35 minutes.

 This was all in addition to my 30 minute daily clean.

Best time to take a photo of your kitchen is right after you go grocery shopping and in the middle of your attempt to take everything off the top of your cabinets. (my hair is now a shade of red, the flowers are in a vase, and the basil went into a turkey soup.
Paper towels still do not have a home but cabinet doors are super clean.. there is gunk under those door handles.  Yuck.

I will keep you posted with the kitchen remodel inspired by the cleaning schedule.  Be careful. Cleaning may inspire you to remodel your house too.