Forty Days Begins -Four Rule Challenge

web-women-with-material-over-her-faceI wrote on liveCleanMb that I would be blogging the forty days of Lent and focusing on the four rules that are not my strongest. What rules?   When you follow metabolic balance, there are some rules (habits) that metabolic balance would like you to add to your day. Four of the rules are second nature to me and four are rules I struggle with because of the way I live my life.

So, today I will talk about how I did following those four rules.

Five Hours between meals – This was a fail for me.  I ate breakfast and drank a coffee at lunch but I was filming at 1200 and I had an interview at 1500 and I did not schedule lunch. I thought about bringing food to my noon filming but then I would be smelling up the space and decided a coffee would have to tie me over.   So, there are 12 hours between meals and I only had two.  I wasn’t hungrier at dinner, I was just really hungry so I purchased dinner at a vegetarian place so I wouldn’t overeat.

Eat a Protein First – Nope.  I did not do this for breakfast or dinner. Dinner was a salad with beans. I didn’t pick out some beans. I really need to think about keeping a jar of nuts on my table so I can pick a nut and eat it.  This is technically mixing proteins but Sylvia has suggested taking nuts to a restaurant so you are eating your protein first.  If I’m cooking, I guess I can nibble on a protein to make sure it is the first while I’m cooking because as I described on livecleanmb, we eat like we are preparing for battle.

Water – Intention was there but I left the water bottle at home.  Today, I will be filling it up at breakfast and putting it by the front door. (As soon as we finish blogging this.)

Fruit at end of meal.  Yeah.  I just finished my fruit and there is no protein in site.

Overall today was a huge failure with these four rules.  The other four are a breeze, they are habits ingrained in my life and I don’t have to think about them. These four rules are not habits and I struggle with them everyday.   Hopefully focusing on them for forty days will add one or two of them into my daily habits.

Good luck today with your lent goals.


Tentative Schedule of metabolic balance Weekend Update in SF

metabobolic balance weekend update

If you are interested in coaching know someone who would like to be a coach, you are welcome to attend the reception on Friday October 16, 2015.  More information will be posted in the weeks to come.  I will not be there this time. I’m going to be creating an art installation for the Long Night of the Museum in Munich, Germany but I encourage you to go if you want to learn more about balancing your metabolism and helping others live a balanced life.

Day 27 -A friend joins me on a healing feast

My friend decided to join me on my healing feast for two weeks. Today is day two for him and he is a bit grumpy about not snacking and eating only healthy foods. For dinner, I made an avocado, banana, strawberry blend  for him. A few minutes later he ran for the bathroom as his body began letting go of all kinds of crap.

On day 27, I’m still detoxing medicine but  I’m happily drinking juice and snapping photos in the rain.

Day 26 – Is that a zucchini in your pocket?

I made this infographic today for metabolic balance.  I wish I could eat one but I will add one to my juice tomorrow.

I now know why I have that metallic taste in my mouth.   I’m been detoxing for 26 days and I’m entering a deeper phase of the cleanse. I lost track of time because I didn’t have much to write about.  I was drinking the same thing three times a day and working. Except for the metal taste in my mouth, I did not feel any different than usual.

The longer you cleanse the deeper the cleanse so I’m now entering a deeper cleanse which means my body is tackling the after surgery Debacle.


A few years ago, I was eating a very basic diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, seeds, homemade breads, and a bit of meat. I was healthy except for a pesky gallbladder filled with stones which always became inflamed by a pesky bug we all carry in our stomachs.

When I went to the hospital, the doctors saw a huge stone in my gallbladder and insisted on removing the gallbladder even though my stomach infection was the reason I was in the hospital.

This was the third time my stomach irritated my gall bladder and I decided to let them take it out.

After the surgery, my internist wanted to get rid of the bug which caused the infection,  so he gave me a triple therapy which I needed to take for a very long time. (That is how difficult helicobacter-pylori is to get out of your body.)

As soon as I put the medicine in my mouth, my body retaliated and I almost passed out.  The doctor reduced the dosage but my body was still very unhappy with so many chemicals attacking the helicobacter-pylori which was attacking my stomach. I was caught in a strange war between my body, the bug and the chemicals.

During the days I was taking the medicine, I had a strong craving for honey and quark. It was as if my body needed the natural antibiotic in the honey and the dairy fat to store all that horrible medicine I was introducing each day.  The honey/quark was how my body protected itself.

At the end of the treatment, I was 20 pounds heavier. Now, as my body tackles the quark/fat/medicine reserves, I can feel the medicine entering my bloodstream.  I can taste it in my mouth – a horrible metallic taste.

Luckily I’m not craving quark but kefir which I’m adding to my juices.

I’m not a medical doctor.  This is just my personal experience. But if you need a study, here is one about reintoxification when chemicals stored in your fat are released.(they are talking about canabis and in this article they talk about other toxins which can cause serious health issues when a person rapidly loses weight.

If your body is filled with man-made chemicals, fast only under the supervision of a medical doctor.

If you don’t have a feasting/fasting friendly doctor down the street, think about going to a fasting clinic so that you can be supervised during the process.   With the amount of chemicals Americans ingest on a daily, monthly and yearly basis, the fasting process can be dangerous as toxins are released into your bloodstream.

The goal of juice feasting/fasting is to make you healthy.

If you have been eating a regular American diet, it is much better for you to eat on the metabolic balance plan and let those chemicals out slowly.

If you are interested in this topic, here are a few more articles about man-made chemicals being stored in your body.

Drug Storage within the body

Governments Bio monitoring Report ( a list of all the man-made chemicals you might be carrying around in your body)

Information about Body Burden

Entry and Fate of Chemicals into the human body




Still Detoxing on Monday

Happy Monday! Right now I’m detoxing and have a horrible metallic taste in my mouth. It has been going on For three days and I’m  hoping it does not go on for four.

What I’ve noticed is that when you are detoxing you end up detoxing everything. Not just your body but also all aspects of your life. 

Over the last two weeks I moved studios, rearranged my living space, cleaned my patio and have been simplifying my work so that it is more streamlined. 

With all this detoxing I feel so much lighter. It is as if I’m throwing away blankets and covers that are no longer needed.

Do you have things you need to be tossing away?

Day 18 – The Missing Week in Review

Emmy Horstkamp three dogs waiting.
Where were you? We’ve been waiting for a very long time.


I’m still juice feasting.  Last week was not the best week to be juice feasting but I stayed on course even after having to vacate my art studio way ahead of schedule and sitting in a Bavarian restaurant with nothing to eat on the menu and no fresh juice in sight.

The last event happened on Friday.  We stopped at a cafe for an art exhibition but there weren’t any free tables and my daughter was hungry.  Walking down the street, we saw a Bavarian pub with lots of free tables out front.  Sitting down, everyone opened their menus and smiled.  Good old Bavarian food.

I looked at the menu and debated whether I should try drinking the broth of an onion soup or  break the fast for the weekend and start over again on Monday.  I wasn’t hungry and there was no pressure to eat so I was feeling like it would be silly to toss away so many days just because I was at a yummy restaurant.

When the waitress came over, I decided to order a Russn which is a beer with lemon flavored soda. It was delicious.  Of course up to this point, my fast was pure fruits and vegetables but the beer was definitely the best choice on the menu and German beer has no preservatives so it wasn’t going to cause problems with my stomach.

I left the pub a bit tipsy from one half beer and happy that I didn’t have a stomach full of heavy Bavarian food.

Looking back over the week,  I learned that I’m really able to go with the flow.   Although I did a bit of crying, the crying was for the misunderstanding that never needed to have happened not for my lack of bread or meat and it was an expression of emotion that needed to happen to keep my body healthy.

Being on this cleanse eliminated any chance of me grabbing comfort food and now, I’m wondering if I need comfort food the next time I get emotionally upset.  Maybe I’m ready to allow my body to feel its emotions and to let them go instead of adding those emotions onto my body as excess weight.

I hope you all had a wonderful week. You are welcome to let me know how things are going for you over on Facebook.  I will try to be more consistent this week now that the emotional drama is over.

Day 12 -emotional roller coaster not caused by hormones

 “What is wrong with you mommy? Here is a piece of paper to make you feel better.”
I am sad today because I walked into an ambush and got verbally pelted. I was not prepared and it made me cry.  Things have been cleared up but the onslaught left me  licking my wounds and crying big fat tears.

The great thing about  fasting is that food is not a possible comfort. I feel the sadness and the grief. I will look like shit tomorrow with big puffy eyes but on Thursday I will be hanging lovely art on the walls of the Friday gallery and redecorating the gallery to fit my art studio.

The whole day has been ups and downs like this… Super great news and shitty news one after the other.   Hopefully tomorrow will be all rainbows and unicorns and sunshine to dry the tears away.

Note: crying can happen on a detox but usually it has no foundation in your activities that day. It is just a stored emotion being released. Maybe my detox forced stored emotion in others to flow in my direction… Some type of esoteric universal cleanse. 

Day 10 Healing Fast – the Breeze


 Today I had my first detox symptom. At first I thought it might be the juice but after a bit of  research I found out that crap was being dislodged from my bowels.  Luckily detox symptoms last hours not days. Six hours and my bowels are no longer smelling up my house.

I will add some links tomorrow when I’m on a computer.

Red Wine May Help you Lose Weight

Just saying. I’m on a health fast/feast and I’m not about to drink a glass of red wine. In fact, I think I’m allergic to red wine. It always makes my feet warm and I don’t sleep well after drinking it. (no matter how much the bottle costs)

 I do like to cook with red wine and I posted a recipe yesterday on metabolic balance for red wine marinaded chicken.

Here are some of the other health benefits of red wine:

BenefitsofRedWinebyVivamb (3)