Forty Days Begins -Four Rule Challenge

web-women-with-material-over-her-faceI wrote on liveCleanMb that I would be blogging the forty days of Lent and focusing on the four rules that are not my strongest. What rules?   When you follow metabolic balance, there are some rules (habits) that metabolic balance would like you to add to your day. Four of the rules are second nature to me and four are rules I struggle with because of the way I live my life.

So, today I will talk about how I did following those four rules.

Five Hours between meals – This was a fail for me.  I ate breakfast and drank a coffee at lunch but I was filming at 1200 and I had an interview at 1500 and I did not schedule lunch. I thought about bringing food to my noon filming but then I would be smelling up the space and decided a coffee would have to tie me over.   So, there are 12 hours between meals and I only had two.  I wasn’t hungrier at dinner, I was just really hungry so I purchased dinner at a vegetarian place so I wouldn’t overeat.

Eat a Protein First – Nope.  I did not do this for breakfast or dinner. Dinner was a salad with beans. I didn’t pick out some beans. I really need to think about keeping a jar of nuts on my table so I can pick a nut and eat it.  This is technically mixing proteins but Sylvia has suggested taking nuts to a restaurant so you are eating your protein first.  If I’m cooking, I guess I can nibble on a protein to make sure it is the first while I’m cooking because as I described on livecleanmb, we eat like we are preparing for battle.

Water – Intention was there but I left the water bottle at home.  Today, I will be filling it up at breakfast and putting it by the front door. (As soon as we finish blogging this.)

Fruit at end of meal.  Yeah.  I just finished my fruit and there is no protein in site.

Overall today was a huge failure with these four rules.  The other four are a breeze, they are habits ingrained in my life and I don’t have to think about them. These four rules are not habits and I struggle with them everyday.   Hopefully focusing on them for forty days will add one or two of them into my daily habits.

Good luck today with your lent goals.


Balanced metabolism – A priority for 2015

notebook with green penAre you ready to make this year the best year of your life? I plan on making this year amazing and hope  you will join me on this exciting journey towards a balanced life.

Over the last ten years, I’ve focused on improving different areas of my life but have found that when I improve one area of my life, I put all of my energy into it and then find that other areas of my life tend to fall back in priority even though they should not.

I know that a balanced life is essential and I believe it is achievable by eating a healthy diet, living a healthy lifestyle and keeping an active mind and a positive mindset.

I know from experience that  it isn’t easy to keep juggling all these areas of my life but my goal for 2015 is to get into the groove and balance my focus on these areas of my life.

I will share my journey with you. I find that sharing makes the changes feel real and hopefully the information I share might help you achieve not only a balanced metabolism but a balanced life.

If you are not yet using the metabolic balance program, here are the basic rules which we follow in order to keep our metabolism balanced.

Tomorrow, we will start sharing information about our current rebalancing.  If you are a metabolic balancer, please let me know on Facebook at myvivamb.