• Monthly Coaching 2 x 45 minute Sessions
    Monthly coaching helps you define goals, create strategies and follow through or modify short and long term goals.

    • Six month package –  2850 Euro (12 sessions x 45 min each )
    • 10 month Package –  4800 Euro ( 20  sessions x 45 min each)
    • one Month (2 sessions) – 500 Euro
  • Individual Sessions 1 session = 45 minute session
    • Individual sessions are great for brainstorming or receiving constructive feedback on a goal or an idea.
    • If you have a monthly coaching plan but decide you need additional coaching, each additional session is billed at 175 Euro a session.
    • Non contracted clients are charged 250 Euro per 45 minute session. All non contracted clients not visiting my studio must deposit a retainer of 1500 Euro.
    • Any time over 45 minutes will be rounded to the next session segment  i.e. 2 Hour chat = 750 Euro.

Non- Coaching Fees

All work that is not coaching/advisory shall be based on an hourly rate of 250 Euro or a Flat Rate of 1200 Euro for a 6 hour Day. If you are interested in social media content, the rate is 250 Euro for a 500 word blog post shared on Facebook/Google+/instagram/Pintrest. Content requiring legal knowledge shall be billed at the 500 Euro hourly rate. Please note that I do not provide legal advice.  Any legal knowledge shall be for educational purposes only.

All Fees are paid in advance.

  • For the 6 and 10 month packages, payment may be made by Credit Card or Bank Transfer and all funds are non-refundable. All other clients must pay cash before the session begins, make payment by credit card or must have arranged a retainer.
  • Cancellation Policy: If the session is cancelled by you (the client), you will be billed 250 Euro or lose one coaching session from your package.  If I cancel a session, you will be rescheduled and receive a bonus session for the inconvenience.  This policy is in place to encourage you to fulfil your obligation to yourself and to your timeline.  A missed session means that you are not serious about achieving your goals. A missed session by me means that I do not have access to the internet. (This has happened on one or two occasions.)
  • All Fees are subject to change. this means that as my time becomes limited, my prices will increase.  Prices increase for new clients. Current clients may be able to negotiate keeping the same fee schedule.
  • Retainers – To ensure payment for hourly clients, a retainer of 1500 Euro is requested before the first hour. Any hourly work shall be deducted from the retainer.  Once the retainer reaches 250 Euro, you will be invoiced to replenish the retainer before the next scheduled session.

Sessions will be held in English at Frauenstrasse 18 in Munich, Germany or by on Skype.

If a client requests a session at their location, the fee is a flat rate of 2500 Euro per day not including travel expenses.