Forty Days Begins -Four Rule Challenge

web-women-with-material-over-her-faceI wrote on liveCleanMb that I would be blogging the forty days of Lent and focusing on the four rules that are not my strongest. What rules?   When you follow metabolic balance, there are some rules (habits) that metabolic balance would like you to add to your day. Four of the rules are second nature to me and four are rules I struggle with because of the way I live my life.

So, today I will talk about how I did following those four rules.

Five Hours between meals – This was a fail for me.  I ate breakfast and drank a coffee at lunch but I was filming at 1200 and I had an interview at 1500 and I did not schedule lunch. I thought about bringing food to my noon filming but then I would be smelling up the space and decided a coffee would have to tie me over.   So, there are 12 hours between meals and I only had two.  I wasn’t hungrier at dinner, I was just really hungry so I purchased dinner at a vegetarian place so I wouldn’t overeat.

Eat a Protein First – Nope.  I did not do this for breakfast or dinner. Dinner was a salad with beans. I didn’t pick out some beans. I really need to think about keeping a jar of nuts on my table so I can pick a nut and eat it.  This is technically mixing proteins but Sylvia has suggested taking nuts to a restaurant so you are eating your protein first.  If I’m cooking, I guess I can nibble on a protein to make sure it is the first while I’m cooking because as I described on livecleanmb, we eat like we are preparing for battle.

Water – Intention was there but I left the water bottle at home.  Today, I will be filling it up at breakfast and putting it by the front door. (As soon as we finish blogging this.)

Fruit at end of meal.  Yeah.  I just finished my fruit and there is no protein in site.

Overall today was a huge failure with these four rules.  The other four are a breeze, they are habits ingrained in my life and I don’t have to think about them. These four rules are not habits and I struggle with them everyday.   Hopefully focusing on them for forty days will add one or two of them into my daily habits.

Good luck today with your lent goals.


I’m Sick and Tired – How Do I Stay metabolically Balanced?

two women crossing street

 The answer is I don’t know but we will find out because I started rebalancing this week.  I was going to wait until after I recovered from this dreadful virus I picked up in NYC but I decided that I could not postpone the process any longer.    I am now strictly following my metabolic balance plan while on antibiotics and bedrest.

How do I feel about this?  I feel grumpy.  I’m grumpy because I’m sick and I’ve been trained since childhood that when I’m sick, I’m supposed to eat foods that comfort me. What are my comfort foods? I have only one. Bread.  Not rye bread which is allowed on the metabolic balance plan but the other kind of bread.  All those white breads. Every Single one of them.

This love of bread comes from my German father.  Every Saturday, he would take us to the German bakery in Middleton Wisconsin and stock up on fresh hard rolls.  As soon as we arrived home, my father would rip open a roll, scoop out the inside and slather the exterior walls with butter, liverwurst and sugarbeet syrup.   I know that sounds kind of disgusting but that was his favourite and the bun (not the rest) is still on my list of favourite foods.

On days when my father couldn’t get to the bakery, he would make homemade plum pancakes, jelly filled donuts or ask my mother to make some arepas, pan de Yuca, or some other multicultural starchy food yumminess that popped into their heads.

I’m an adult now but this habit of grabbing some starchy yumminess when I’m feeling icky can feel like an overpowering force blasting through my good intentions and metabolic balanced diet.

Unlike NYC where there is a Starbucks on every corner, Munich has a bakery on every corner.  This isn’t helpful for a fragile metabolic balancer.  There is nothing in a bakery that I can eat and stay on plan.  Nothing. Rye bread may be found at the grocery store but the bakeries in my neighbourhood do not specialise in Rye bread.  They specialise in cakes and croissants, French bread and Big Pretzels filled with cream cheese and spring onions.

To avoid going off the rails, I’ve once again banned myself from entering bakeries. These establishments are not helping me to stay balanced even though everything inside looks and tastes wonderful.  

Do you have a food that you must be careful around?  A food that will trip you up and throw you off course?   If you have that food in your house, go throw it away right now.  It should not be around you while you are trying to rebalance.   In fact, go into your pantry and clear out anything you find tempting or that might encourage you to snack or stray from your metabolic balance food list during phase 2-4.

Once you get to the last metabolic balance phase, you can add foods back into your diet but my suggestion is that you avoid foods that cause problems.  Just like those crazy maker friends that you’ve had to cut ties with in the past, you will have to cut ties with these crazy maker food items.  

If you want to connect with me, you are welcome to like my Facebook page and respond on Facebook with comments about your diet and challenges with sticking to the rules.




Balanced metabolism – A priority for 2015

notebook with green penAre you ready to make this year the best year of your life? I plan on making this year amazing and hope  you will join me on this exciting journey towards a balanced life.

Over the last ten years, I’ve focused on improving different areas of my life but have found that when I improve one area of my life, I put all of my energy into it and then find that other areas of my life tend to fall back in priority even though they should not.

I know that a balanced life is essential and I believe it is achievable by eating a healthy diet, living a healthy lifestyle and keeping an active mind and a positive mindset.

I know from experience that  it isn’t easy to keep juggling all these areas of my life but my goal for 2015 is to get into the groove and balance my focus on these areas of my life.

I will share my journey with you. I find that sharing makes the changes feel real and hopefully the information I share might help you achieve not only a balanced metabolism but a balanced life.

If you are not yet using the metabolic balance program, here are the basic rules which we follow in order to keep our metabolism balanced.

Tomorrow, we will start sharing information about our current rebalancing.  If you are a metabolic balancer, please let me know on Facebook at myvivamb.    






Middle of the Year? Good Time for Rebalancing

114158003_c6abe1f125_bSylvia Egel emailed me today about the blog and my first assumption was that it was the work blog but then I looked at the link and it was this blog so I logged in and fixed destroyed a post where I talked about lack of water because you can drink water, you just can’t eat food before getting your blood test.

This week, I talked about rebalancing on the blog because I met a woman who was on metabolic balance and then gained ten pounds when she started a new business.  When she told me the challenges she faced, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about rebalancing and the challenges of eating healthy when life changes happen.

Since it has been awhile since I did the initial two weeks, I’ve decided to blog about rebalancing for the next few weeks.  If you have any questions, you are welcome to ask on my facebook page.

Vivamb on Facebook Recipe – Zucchini and Mushroom Soup

zucchini and mushroom soup

I just shared a recipe for a delicious soup on Facebook.  If you would like to try it, here is the recipe.


Zucchini (four small or one large)
Vegetable broth and water
Mushrooms ( The kind I have on mine are specifically german. Use your favorite ones that you can find at the grocery store)


Peel and slice up the Zucchini and onion. Peeling is optional for the Zucchini. Either way your soup will be tasty. lightly saute the vegetables until your onions are clear. Place the sauteed vegetables in a pot.

Make a broth from instant or empty a can of broth into the pot and then add enough water to cover the zucchini. Cook on medium high until everything is soft (15 to 30 minutes) and then take it off the heat and set it aside.

Clean the mushrooms and then saute them with broth or a little olive oil.

Put the soup in a bowl and top it with the mushrooms.

Have fun making this recipe.  If you would like to share comments on how it tasted or how you changed the recipe, let me know on Facebook.

Eat Berries. They are In Season and Will Keep Your Heart Healtheir


Having a craving for some berries?  Eat them!   According to the blog post I created today, dark berries contain anthocyanins which are super for our hearts.

To read Dr. Funfacks fun fact, go to the metabolic balance blog.  To read more about the Harvard study where Dr. Funfack got his information go to the harvard study homepage.

Vivamb Wants to know. Where is Spring?

Emmy wants to know where Spring Could beOk. I’m ready to start blogging again.  It has taken me a few months to get my chocolate/bread/Sugar issue under control and to cleanse some chemicals from my surgery.  I could have blogged that for you but it was frustrating and I don’t like to blog through frustration.  I will make a page post about detoxing later one but for now, you will have to believe me that it sucked big time.

It amazes me how giving up one item triggers my body in strange ways.  It reminds me that my body is an amazing machine that I must treat it with care and respect.  Keeping the chemistry of my body balanced is one of the reasons I like metabolic balance.

Sylvia Egel gave me some great advice about using specific salts to help with cravings.  Since I live in Europe, finding the salt is super easy.  I just walked into the pharmacy and said, “my coach said I need to take some kind of salt so that I don’t want to eat chocolate.”  The pharmacist nodded her head and reached for a bottle and handed it to me.  Super easy.   I don’t think that would work in the US but it works in Europe and I’m now a chocolate free zone, the swelling is gone and I have my cheekbones back!

The release of chemicals stored in fat is not a topic of current medical research but it certainly should be.  I found that once my body tapped into those stored chemicals I felt like crap.   I still have a bit more to get rid of but my body was pretty fed up after three weeks so we are giving the detox a break for a few weeks.

If you like clothes (I do) and you are an hour glass figure, you might like following my blog about redoing my wardrobe.  I’ve always struggled with my hour glass figure because it never seems to follow fashion.   Now that I’m over forty, I’ve decided to get professional advice and guidance for my clothing choices so that I’m always looking great no matter what I’m wearing or what size I am (38-42 Europe/ 8-12 US).

Right now I’m between the 38/40 which makes picking outfit pieces an issue because I need to make sure my clothes fit really well.  For example,  Rachel Moss, the style consultant I’m using, said that my jackets must be very fitted.  That was an aha moment for me.  I never wore jackets because they made me feel horrible.   Rachel explained that it made me feel horrible because the jackets fell below my butt and then just made me look like a huge sausage no definition.  It is one of those rules you are supposed to pay attention to as an hour glass and I failed.

I laughed when rachel actually saw my body.  She seemed shocked that I wasn’t fatter.  Funny how the wrong clothes must make you look like CRAP.

Eat What Makes Sense

The new slogan this year for metabolic balance is translated into English as eat what makes sense.  This isn’t how we usually look at food right?  We don’t eat what makes sense but what we love to eat or food that has a cultural, emotional or memory linked association.

Here is an infographic if you want to try and eat food that makes sense for your body.

Vivamb Recipe – Vegetable Bonda

1 serving vegetables (green beans, carrots, grean peas, onions, chilis)
1 portion protein (Chickpea flour)
Ginger – a small piece, chopped
Curry paste 2 tsp
Coriander Leaves, 2 tsp, chopped
Red Chilli Powder – 1 tsp
Turmeric Powder – 1/2 tsp
Mustard Seeds – 1 tsp
Olive oil for frying in pan
Salt to taste
Cut and boil the green peas, beans, carrots until soft.
Add all the vegetables along with salt and turmeric powder.
Heat oil in a pan add mustard seeds, ginger, green chilli, curry leaves and chopped onion.
Fry them until brown.
Add this with the vegetable mixture.
Prepare small balls.
Mix chickpea flour, salt and chilli powder with enough water to make a thick mixture.
Dip the potato balls in the mixture and fry in pan on medium heat until brown.

NOTES: If you use canned vegetables, do not make a paste with the chickpea flour. Instead, roll the balls in the flour as you would do with fish that you are going to fry in the pan. The vegetable balls will have plenty of moisture and will not do well with a paste. Also incorporate a portion of your chickpea flour into the balls if you are using canned vegetables to firm up the vegetables balls for frying in the pan.

-If you are using frozen vegetables, it will take time to cook all the vegetables. Your vegetable balls will be firmer than when using canned vegetables and will be able to hold the batter. Do not add too much batter to the vegetable balls. This recipe is not for deep frying and you will lose the batter in the pan. Just cover the vegetable balls lightly so that you can brown them and have the vegetable balls stay together.

-The vegetables used in this recipe may be altered to vegetables you have on your plan. For the recipe I filmed, I used canned vegetables and curry paste.

-I made recipe for four people. If you are making the recipe for one person, your portion results will be smaller than shown on the video.

-When I used frozen vegetables, I found it easy to roll the balls in the pan. For canned vegetables, I had to be patient and use two forks to move the balls around in the pan. I also limited the number of bonda balls frying to four so that I could move them around without breaking them. Once they were fried, both the frozen and canned vegetable balls they held together nicely.

-The first time I made this recipe I sautéed the onions but the second time I forgot so I finely cut the onions and added them to the canned vegetable mixture. I found that the raw onions and raw carrots added a nice texture to the balls and if I make this recipe again using canned vegetables, I will keep the onions and carrots raw.

I will keep experimenting with this recipe and if you experiment with it, please post a note on myvivamb’s Facebook page.

Vivamb Recipe: Meatloaf (no eggs or breadcrumbs)

vivamb meatloaf


Frozen mixed vegetables make this meatloaf easy and full-flavored, and the vegetables add some extra nutrients to the mix.

Cooking and preparation time: 1 hour, 30 minutes


  • 1 protein portion of lean ground beef
  • salt
  • pepper
  • cilantro
  • basil
  • oregano
  • 1 portion vegetables (frozen mixed vegetables, onion)


Cut onions and add to ground beef.  Blend the frozen vegetables with a hand blender and add the vegetables to the beef.  Add seasonings and then Mix and shape into a loaf.

Bake in loaf pan at 350° for 30 minutes to 1/2 hours (Cooking beef to taste).  Let stand for 5 minutes before turning out of pan, slicing and serving.