Bedroom Cleaning – Pillows

I wash my pillows but didn’t realise that I needed to wash my pillow three times a year! Today, I will wash my feather pillows along with my sheets and other bed coverings.

Yesterday, I tackled my shoe closet. I took out all the shoes that I can no longer wear because my broken toes will not accept being squished into a pointy dress shoe. It is sad to see these shoes go but they have been in my closet for two years and I’m not using them.  I’m using the space created by the discarded shoes to store all of the shoes stacked in front of my front door.

The challenge will now be to take shoes into my bedroom each evening. Maybe after a few months of following this cleaning schedule, I will be shining my shoes before putting them away… at least until I can have this man polishing my shoes for me.

feather pillow fight photo is by Kuba Bozanowski