The Metabolic Balance Rules

glass of water

  • Eat only three meals a day.
  • Leave 5 hours between meals.
  • Meals should be no longer than 60 minutes. If a meal takes longer, you will need to eat a bit of protein. (This has to do with how your body processes the food you are eating.)
  • Do not eat after 9pm.  If you can, try to eat before 7pm so that your digestive system can have time to start processing your last meal before you go to bed.
  • Eat a protein at the beginning of your meal. This means the first thing in your mouth other than water should be a source of protein ( a bite of meat, a peanut, a spoonful of whip cream)
  • Eat only one type of protein at each meal.  (There are scientific reasons for this if you are really interested, you can read Dr. Funfack’s book metabolic balance – Das Stoffwechselprogramm.. sorry it is in German. There is an English abbreviated version here.  You can also read about protein absorption rates here and protein digestibility.
  • Pick foods with low glycemic loads to preserve the feeling of fullness. What the heck is a Glycemic load?   Check out this great index from the University of Sydney.
  • Drink at least two quarts of  plain water a day (no sweetened drinks or alcohol).  Water should be the only thing you drink between meals and you must not add anything to the water not even a slice of lemon.

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